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Decongesting roads to Whitefield - Moving cars or People?

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In past few weeks there have been lot of news on social media as well as in print /electronic media on attempts to provide that little relief to daily commuters travelling on Whitefield-CBD areas of Bengaluru City. There seems to be 2 distinct attempts and efforts for decongesting roads that leads to Whitefield from City Centers.

Signal Free Junctions and travel to City from Whitefield

Photo Courtesy - RK Mishra @ FB.

This project is initiated by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the BBMP and supported by many including whitefield residents, groups like Whitefield Rising and people like R K Mishra and others.
The effort revolves around providing the signal free ride for motorist starting from Vellara Junction deep in the Bangalore city can travel to Hope Farm at Whitefield on a road that is (almost) signal-free. This is to be done by creating grade-separators (i.e., under-passes or flyovers) at major junctions.
Suburban Train Halt Station and Extension of Ramanagaram-SBC train service to Whitefield
In past weeks there are news reports about 2 interesting proposals, one for a formal halt station on Whitefield line near Prestige Shantiniketan apartments. The motivation is to provide the train connectivity to daily commuters who travel from city to ITPL and adjacent areas. Two, in addition to the halt station, now the commuters and residents are demanding for extension of the upcoming new service from Ramanagaram-SBC to whitefield.
The halt station is getting closer to reality with area MP Mr. P.C. Mohan coming forward to fund the building basic station infrastructure - Platform, Booking Counter etc. Very mportant is SWR has agreed to speed up the process with funding from MP funds. Then Whitefield Area Commerce and Industrial Association has come forward to take care of provisioning for Parking, Last Mile connectivity etc.
In addition there is lot of pressure on SWR to extend the planned new train service of Ramanagaram-SBC to Whitefield. It will be a great relief to daily commuters who travel to ITPL/Whitefield.
The ultimate outcome of this halt station and extension of suburban train service to Whitefield would be people leaving the cars and 2-wheelers at home and switching to train for their daily commute. This should definitely bring down congestion and these corridors should see reduction in personal vehicles on roads.
It would be interesting to see which is the sustainable solution? Which of the above 2 efforts would see substantial reduction in congestion?



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very rightly put it

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Moving Cars in 6 - 8 Kms road distance ??? 

3 -5 Kms is walking distance, but here people wants to  ove cars then people. It akes sense if distance of 30 -60 kms if one wants to have dedicated car lanes by paying high toll

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Read this article today


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Question does not arrise Not METRO only Local Train

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News writer has written  with  few of the people views and should have taken bigger picture into consideration. 

Why here one wants to pitch against other for city which is touching One Crore population soon.   It should be priority which has not been given by either GOK or GOI for Suburban Rail / Commuter Rail during last  6- 7 years and only lip services.

By just writing some letter once in year about the project follow up within govt officials or by CM / Minister / MPs / MLAs or even Mayor,  without even having single meeting between CM of Karnataka and Railway Minister on Bangalore Suburban Rail during last 6-7 yrs,  how do we expect this project to take shape ???

Thats where issue exists and citizens need to ask why GOK and GOI still wants to neglect the Suburban Rail Bangalore. comment guidelines

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