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BNY's Political Internship Program - My observations!

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"Bangalore Needs You" a non-profit organization run by Prof. Rajeev Gowda, for time to time conducts internship programs on different aspects of public life. In the past months or so it ran a 3 Week "Political Action Internship" program  at its office located in Church Street.
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I had the opportunity to attend their one of the session. Though the primary reason for my visit was to meet Prof. Rajeev, in bonus I got the opportunity to sit through couple of hours and observe an interesting session on Election Manifestos. They were divided into different groups and given different manifestos to read, analyze and prepare a summary of the focus of each of the manifestos. Prof. Rajeev explained it was an exercise to understand the process of manifestos and its importance in Indian Elections. They were 3 groups given Congress, BJP and AAP manifestos. After discussion and analysis within the group, a good session then followed with comparative analysis. Main focus of each of the manifestos was discussed along with interpretation of though process behind each promises and announcements.

More can be read here -

I can only say our younger generations is fortunate to see the good days of opportunities for political engagement. After the ban on College campus elections (Party based) in 80s, politics remained on sidelines for most of us. Hope many such initiatives are conducted along the breadth and width of our country.


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