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What has PM to do with 'Binny Mill Land'?

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Commuter Rail

Who owns the Binny mill Land? is it a private land? Is it belongs to Central Govt?

You all must be wondering why I am asking this question. In today's news in TOI, it is reported that CM is taking a all party delegation to PM to get the Binny mill Land.

Source - Time of India

Delegation to meet PM

The CM said an all-party delegation will meet the PM soon for the following reasons.

* Allot Binny Mills lands near Majestic for the expansion of city railway station

* Clear hurdles of running local trains to areas like Yelahanka, K R Puram, Ramanagar and beyond Yeshwantpur

* Rename the City railway station after freedom fighter Sangolli Rayanna

* Install a statue of Bangalore founder Kempe Gowda at Bengaluru International Airport

I am at loss here. When SWR is approached, they complain that state government is not transferring the Binny Mill Land. Only few days back it was reported that state cabinet has approved 72 crores for the Binny Mill Land Swap to SWR for okahlipuram.

If the land belongs to private or state government, why PM is being approached? If the land belongs to central govt, why would railways keep saying, waiting for the state govt to transfer it?

Or in plain words, is state government and railways fooling the citizens?



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Has the CM or GOK done all that was needed for the project?

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Though one would support CM to take up the matter with PM to speed up the 'Suburban Rail' project in Bengaluru, but has the state government done all that was needed for the project?

Per its own order (GO # UDD PRJ 2013, Bangalore, dated 17-07-2013.), the state government was supposed to,

  • Get a DPR done
  • Proceed further to acquire Binny Mill Land
  • Form an empowered committee to oversee the project implementation
  • Form the 'Special Purpose Vehicle' to execute the project

For this GOK had entrusted DULT to accomplish the above tasks. Barring #1, we have not heard anything concrete about other tasks in the list.

Meanwhile, the Railway Minister is on record saying he will approve the project next minute if receives a formal proposal from state government.

The questions that we ask the DULT/GOK is,

  1. Why there are no efforts to prepare a formal proposal on 'Suburban Rail Project'?
  2. Why the DULT/GOK is hesitant to approach Railways with the formal proposal?
  3. Why DULT/GOK has not proceeded further on the above mentioned GO order?
  4. If waiting for DPR, which will take sweet 4-8 months, but that still doesn't fill the need for formal proposal?
  5. The DPR is for Phase-1A, than how would it serve the purpose for formal proposal?

Now my questions to CM,

  • What is the point of meeting PM, when you have not done any preliminary work on this project?
  • What is point of meeting PM on Binny mill Land, when it is a state issue?
  • Why is he is silent on slow progress on the GO order?
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Even I was surprised reading this.  And why does the PM of all people need to get involved in a few acres of land even if it belongs to the Central Government?

But at least there is regular talk on commuter rail which was simply absent for the past so many years.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Chief Minister's Delegation to meet PM on staterailway projects

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Railway Minister Kharge is blaming the State Government for not handing over Binny Mill land for expansion of City railway station and introduction of commuter rail system for Bangalore; and delay of various state rail projects is due to non- allocation of required funds and land as agreed to by the Karnataka Government. Now the Chief Minister says that a delegation will meet the PM on these issues. Who is to be believed? Is these Congress Governments hoodwinking the public?  Whether these politicians are having only next year's parliamentary election in their minds?

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Escape Velocity still unattained

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Perhaps it would be better to take the matter to RaGa to privide it the necessary Escape Velocity :)))

Muralidhar Rao
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Some thoughs on the so called Binny Mill Land

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BBMP executive engineer A S Ramesh says, they had a tough time persuading S V Global Mill Limited (owners of Binny Mill land) to part with it. The government intervened and offered to give either Rs 70 crore or offer the same land elsewhere under Transfer of Development Rights (TDR).

So now, as the project has been considered as emergency infrastructure project, the government has ordered the company to part with their land. However, BBMP and government are yet to find the alternative 3.16 acres of land in Bangalore to hand over to SV Global Mill Limited in Bangalore.

So its very clear owner of Binny Mill Land is SV Global Mill.

The three promoters of Binny -- M Ethurajan, M Nandagopal and V R Venkatachalam,

 S V Global Bill will go to M Ethurajan (now executive chairman of Binny)

S V Global will get Binny?s prime properties in Chennai (Armanian Street HQ), 28 acres near Bangalore railway station besides Binny Engineering in Chennai and the lands near the city. The Ethurajan family also manages the closely held Thirumgal Mills and S V Sugars.




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On 12th Oct discussions :CM to meet PM & Union Textile Minister

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Bangalore South MP Ananth Kumar urged Mr. Siddaramaiah to take an all-party delegation to New Delhi to discuss with the Prime Minister and Union Ministers matters regarding the city’s development. He added that the Binny Mill land should be transferred to the Railways so that it can be used for the expansion of the city railway station. He suggested that the railway station be named after freedom fighter Sangolli Rayanna.

Member of Parliament (Bengaluru South) Ana­nth Kumar suggested local train connectivity, similar to the system in Mumbai, by setting up electric lines utilizing the existing railway network. With this, Kengeri, Yeshw­antpur, Yelahanka and KR Puram could be linked and traffic snarls can be solved. Also, the government must have a dialogue with union textile ministry to acquire Binny mill land. This will help expand the city railway station, he suggested.

Hence Delegation to meet PM & Union Textile Minister to hand over the complet 26 Acers of  Binny Mill land and Railway Minister to run the Suburban Rail services in Bangalore with City Station to be expanded on Priority.

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