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State Govt Jobs - Why not go for recruitment every year?

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Source - Deccan Herald

"...The decision of the consecutive governments in the State in the last one decade to freeze fresh recruitment as part of cost-cutting measures has led to a large number of vacancies in various departments. A total of 1,25,359 posts across grades have remained unfilled so far..."

Some statistics.

Total number of State Govt Employees - 5.5 Lakh

Total number of retirees every year - 20,000

Vacant Positions - About 24,804 are vacant in the Education department, including 3,454 officer posts. In the Health department, about 19,175 posts are vacant. As many as 22,644 posts are unfilled in the Home department.

The intent of this post is not about should the govt fill these vacancies or should give away some of its role in providing public services? I will reserve that discussion for some other time and for some other discussion post. The intent of this post is to see if there are better ways to recruit people for government vacancies. Also lets keep the corruption/malpractice, reservations etc discussion out for this discussion.

At present Karnataka state government doesn't have a definite time table to fill any vacant positions. For now it is all on ad-hoc basis. Compare to this, Government of India has a set yearly schedule for grades, from Class IV to IAS/IFS/IPS. One can see a merit in that strategy and also there is a process for inducting new blood into the government service. Everybody acknowledges that there has to be regular induction of young men and women into workforce to bring new ideas, new energy and youthfulness.

Therefore the question that I would like to ask all our Praja friends is, isn't a good idea for state government to adopt central government's recruitment policy of set schedule of yearly recruitment? comment guidelines

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