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Please Go out and VOTE - May 5th, 2013

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Karnataka State Elections - Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Polling hours extended in Karnataka. Voter can cast vote from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Finally the day has come for people of Karnataka to once again determine their political representatives and the government. It is the solemn civic duty of every adult who is registered to vote. I take this opportunity to request all our Praja members, friends and families to exercise their VOTE and choose the best candidate. Your VOTE counts.

Please remember your choice always matters - Whether you vote or not. If a bad government is made by people who do not vote, than why not vote and make an effort to elect a good government? Better safe than sorry !


Here are some Election Related links.

Chief Electoral Office, Karnataka -



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The democratic exercise!

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More often the topics of discussions for any election is about Parties and candidates. Not much is talked about the exercise and people who conducts it.

Interesting facts about these ordinary souls who help the poeple of the state to elect their choices for  next 5 years.

Source and Photo Courtesy - Deccan Chronicle

"...More than 4.36 crore people are eligible to exercise their franchise. There are about 35.59 lakh new voters (18-22 age category).

There are nearly 3,000 candidates in the fray. Close to 52,000 booths are in place, including about 10,000 hypersensitive and more than 14,000 sensitive ones where the authorities would keep a special vigil with the help of web cameras.

As many as 65,000 electronic voting machines, which include about 10 per cent kept as reserve, are ready to be pressed into service. More than 2.5 lakh poling officers would be on duty.

As many as 1.35 lakh police personnel - 60,000 from the state, 20,000 homeguards and rest from central paramilitary and neighbouring states - would be deployed to ensure peaceful and smooth conduct of the elections..."

Really these people who are on poll duty, deserve appreciation for helping the cause for democracy in our country. Thank you.


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Guilt & Enforcement

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I had my faded corruption saaku tee shirt on when I went to vote. I felt very good wearing my statement on my shirt & walked into the booth making sure everyone got the message. Outside at the corner of the street, one person pulled the other guy, who was trying to approach me, back after noticing the tee shirt. can only guess he was probably going to influence/pay me for my vote. Saw a guy paying a bunch of 3 old ladies a few 100 rupees. Reports of paying for votes rampant in the neighbourhood. They are just getting bolder & the policemen are just reading newspapers. I think the enforcement has to move away from preventing booth capture to preventing abuse of democracy. Law enforcement has to scale & catch up to the new challenges.

Another lesson, wearing your ethics/conscience on your sleeve keeps you & others honest. We should distribute bibs with these statement of intent so the poor dont fall for immediate graticfication out of guilt. Guilt & ostracization techniques work where law fails & we used it for DDC remember. What do you think?

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nice quote

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Liked this line :)
Reports of paying for votes rampant in the neighbourhood. They are just getting bolder & the policemen are just reading newspapers.
The talk is so loud and common, wonder whats a paractical way of working on it.
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India - Its the people who make it great!

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My whole family - Mother, 2 Brothers, 2 S-I-L, Niece, all went out and voted for their Favorite candidate. What is worth noting here is, last night when I spoke to my mother she was down with high fever and could hardly walk. But the call of civic duty didn't deter her resolve to vote and made it a point to go out and vote. She did exercise her vote even in sickness. If I remember it correctly, my parents have never missed the opportunity to vote in their long stay in Bangalore.

Mother, I am proud of you.

I am sure there are hundreds of such examples who in spite of valid reasons, still went out and exercised their vote. My salute to all of them. They are the real heroes who are keeping India still a democracy in spite of all the rot that is out there.


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Eroneous Voter id cards

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I voted with my voter id card showing me as a female and my father as my husband for the second time [in 10 years]. I believe and hope that next time on the 'Adhar' card will replace all other cards including gas connection.

This time we had gun toting guards at the booth. I wanted to take a picture of the young  BSF(?) guard. However he refused!

My comment made yesterday at 9AM had vanished as Praja site had not been renewed. Glad to see the site up and kicking.

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A Word of Appreciation.

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I am an eightytwo year old senior citizen. I wish to record my appreciationand gratitude for the excellent arrangements made by the Election Commission for polling .My polling venue was at Chinmaya Mission School at Koramangala. The queue was orderly, the Policemen were courtious and offered me a seat to sit, the officials were polite and helpful.

My sincere thanks to all these wonderful people who help our democracy to live.




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Bangalore Rural Excel with 77.95% Voting !

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Source - Karnataka State Election Commission

Bangalore Rural - 77.95

Bangalore Urban - 52.83

Belgaum: 72.95%, Bagalkot: 69.88%,

Bangalore (Rural): 77.95% Bangalore (Urban): 52.83 % Bellary: 70.84%, Bidar: 54.98%, Bijapur: 61.86%,

Chamarajanagar: 74.92%, Chikkaballapur: 75.89%, Chikmagalur: 72.89%, Chitradurga: 74.93%,

Dakshina Kannada: 73.92%, Davangere: 74.91%, Dharwad: 68.76%,

Gadag: 69.90%, Gulbarga: 59.83%,

Hassan: 76.88%, Haveri: 75.91%, Kodagu: 68.95%,

Kolar: 73.92%, Koppal:69.93%,

Mandya: 74.91%, Mysore: 67.82%,

Raichur: 62.92%, Ramanagar: 74.96%,

Shimoga: 73.84%,

Tumkur: 74.88%,

Udupi: 76.96%,

U-K: 68.93%,

Yadgir: 58.88%,

Total: 70.23%



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How many poor can read?

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How many poor people know how to read? The maids in our bldg dont know how to read Kannada. What do u expect from them? They go by the symbol of the party. No wonder the political parties target the poor for votes. Hundreds of rupees is for gram panchayat elections. For MLAs, it is 500 to 1000, or even more. comment guidelines

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