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Train Fares hiked after 10 years !

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<Posting on behalf of Sanjeev>

Finally the Ministry of Railways, has bit the bullet - Hiked the passenger fares across the board. Though the hike is very modest and reasonable, already voices of opposition are heard from BJP, and other known socialists. Nothing new in Indian politics.

Source - The Hindu

Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal on Wednesday hiked train fares across the board, the first time in ten years, with effect from January 21 midnight.The proposals will rake in an additional Rs. 1200 crore between January 21 and March 31 this year, the Minister said announcing the decision and did not rule out a hike in the freight tariff. Fares of ordinary second-class (suburban) trains will go up by 2 paise per km while for non-suburban travel it will be 3 paise.

Travel by second-class mail and express trains will be costlier by 4 paise per km, while it will be 6 paise in sleeper class. Travellers by AC chair car and AC three-tier will have to shell out 10 paise more per km, first class by 3 paise, AC two-tier by 6 paise and AC first-class by 10 paise. The fares for first-class, AC two-tier and AC first/executive Class were already raised by 10 paise per km, 15 and 30 paise respectively in the current year’s budget.

Breaking away from the populism of his predecessors, including Lalu Prasad and Mamata Banerjee, Mr. Bansal, told a press conference that the decision to hike the fares was “imperative” as lack of revision in the last 10 years has had a “telling effect” on the railway finances. Mr. Bansal also proposed to do away with the practice of levying development charge on passenger tickets and all the chargeable fares will in future be in multiples of five.

As a result of the proposed hike, ordinary second-class suburban fares for a distance of 35 km will go up by Rs. 2 from Rs. 8 to Rs. 10, while in the non-suburban trains it will go up by Rs. 5 for an average distance of 135 km.

  •  In sleeper class, the increase would mean a hike of Rs. 50 for a distance of 770 km from Rs. 270 to Rs. 320.
  •  In the case of AC chair car, for a distance of 387 km, the increase would be Rs. 40 from Rs. 345 to Rs. 385.
  •  In the case of AC three-tier, for a distance of 717 km, the fare will go up from Rs. 724 to Rs. 800, an increase of Rs 76.
  •  Similarly, in the case of AC two-tier, the increase would mean a hike of Rs. 48 for a distance of 721 km, while for AC first-class it will be Rs. 56 for a distance of 547 km.



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It was long due

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Looking at the proposed railway fares hike, one can only say, better late than never. Ask any DRM, will tell the difficult circumstances they are in for maintaining the daily operations, which is forcing them to divert too little for passenger amenities and safety.

It is time we tell our representative that please stop delivering populism in our name. We care for our nation than they do. Let the campaign be for better service, comfort and safety.

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What would additional 6600 crores do for Railways?

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Unitl Dec 2012, the operational ratio was to the extent of 95% , that left hardly a 5% for any new projects.

In 2011-2012 Indian Railways earned INR104,278.79 crore (US$18.98 billion) which consists of INR69,675.97 crore (US$12.68 billion) from freight and INR28,645.52 crore (US$5.21 billion) from passengers tickets.

Some of the proposed projects in 2012-13 Budget were:

  1. World Bank funding of R 6,500 crore firmed up for dedicated freight corridors; land acquired for 3,300 km; first contracts to be handed out during 2012-13.
  2. Passenger amenities to be given Rs.1,112 crore in 2012-13 as against Rs.762 crore in current year.
  3. Capacity augmentation to get Rs.4,410 crore during 2012-13.
  4. Eighty-five new line projects to be taken up during 2012-13.
  5. One hundred and fourteen new line surveys to be undertaken during 2012-13.
  6. New line projects to get Rs.6,870 crore in 2012-13. 
  7. Gauge conversion to be undertaken over 800 km with an allocation of Rs.1,950 crore.

With 2013-14 Budget exercise is only 6 weeks away, it is hardly matters which one should get priority now. 2013-14 budget will show which way Railways is heading.


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Fares will go up from 22nd, will SWR stop saying Rs 2/- fares

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Now basic minimum  fares will be Rs 5/- for suburban or non suburban trains instead of Rs 2/-

This is happening after 10 years and so much price rise interms of fuel, wages, cost of maintenance. 

Also rounding of rule to minimum towards Rs 5/ - or Rs 10 will give big revenue jump to Railways.  Now lets see how  CM / WB  will react from 22nd Jan.  So long  they enjoyed this Rs2/- fares for Suburban rail.

Also extra charhes for return Fare ticket if it booked  from other then originating station have been increased.

Now SWR officals  do not have any reason saying suburban passenger business will make losses for them.  Will they run more suburban trains in Bangalore ??? comment guidelines

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