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Where is Namma Railu Today?

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Commuter Rail

Do you know where our Namma Railu is?

It seems Namma Railu is stuck at DULT station. The much awaited RITES final report is ready. No nobody knows what is holding up at DULT?


Here is a depiction of Namma Railu's journey so far!



Any idea how we can pull this train out of DULT/GOK station?


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We need to put green signal on the track

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Very good effort Syed in depicting how Commuter Rail is starnded in the middel with no where to go

I think the signalling system has been missed with Green signal.  It may be having only Red & Yellow  colours.  So its very essintial to have Green colour signal in the Signalling system.


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Green Signal?

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When there is no path for its further journey, green signal will be of no use. Looks like it has hit a dead end at GOK/DULT.


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100% FDI gets green light for

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100% FDI gets green light for rly line projects I did not see this news anywhere else. Also it looks like rail lines are allowed for connecting to mines, industrial parks, etc., but not sure commuter rail is included.

FDI has been permitted under the approval (FIPB) route “for the development of first- and last-mile connectivity projects at either end of the rail transportation chain providing connectivity to ports, large mines, logistics parks”.

Import substitution had been policy objective before liberalization. So for long time, with increasing inflow of currency, import was not a problem. Now again the government is brining curbs for import of gold, according to many news items. Petrol is also imported, maybe gov should consider more public transport projects like CRS, which can reduce imports! comment guidelines

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