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Mehkri Circle - 75 yrs gone, Junction that still embodies the philanthrophic deed of a responsible citizen!

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About 75 years ago, a ordinary citizen and a merchant by name Enayathullah Mehkri built something that is still remembered by people for his noble act. Until that time, 1937, the place we all know today as Mehkri Circle (it is circle no more) was like a junction like any other junction where 4 roads meet. In those days farmers/traders who brought their produce and goods to city had difficult time passing through this junction. In climbing the slope, often the bullock carts would often break down, bulls getting hurt. Taking pity on these helpless fellow citizens, Mr. Enayathullah without waiting for government machinery, with his own money got the junction leveled and got the road better for bullock carts and the bullocks. Recognizing the good works of this ordinary citizen, Maharajah not only recognized his works but also reimbursed the money that Mr. Mehkri had spent on the works. Built in 1937 and it was Lord John Hope, then governor of madras, who inaugurated the 'Mehkri square',

Photo Courtesy - Deccan Herald

A circle used to be there until 1990s which was removed after installing the traffic lights. In 2001 this gave away to flyover which still exists and millions use it daily.

Not heard or seen anything recent decades such acts of philanthropy? Indeed such men are very few. comment guidelines

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