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Buses to Ply on Avenue Road finally after 4 decades?

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Avenue Road, Mysore Bank, India Coffee House, Subhas Book Store, Old books, Khadi Bhandar? Do these landmarks rings bell?

I sure am all the college students specilaly engineering students and old timers like Murali Sir, Me (even though much younger) would certainly can connect all these. Why is Avenue road in our dicussions?

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Avenue Road is the fastest shortcut from Majestic/Mysore Bank going to City Market or vice versa. If I remember it correctly it has been about 4 decades since that road was closed for Buses to Ply. BMTC stopped buses while it was in earlier avatar famous BTS.

From the reports in Bangalore Mirror, seems Advocate's strike past week or so has given an interesting option to BTP to try running buses on Avenue road after decades.

What began as a desperate measure in response to lawyers blocking roads will now become the norm. Traffic police say it will cut down on commuting time and reduce traffic snarls near Hudson Circle...

...Avenue Road — that snaking street, that wholesale hub where man and beast, goods, vehicles and bullock carts jostle for space — is about to see one more addition on its chaotic stretch from next week: BMTC buses...

The experiment was carried out rather quietly on Wednesday and Thursday, but the response, say authorities, was tremendous. And now, Bangalore Traffic Police and BMTC authorities will route buses from City Market to Mysore Bank Circle through this road from next week.

I wish BTP has success in this experiment and hopefully will find more such roads and run PT buses and prohibit private vehicles.

Any such roads in other parts of Bengaluru that BTP can try this experiment?


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bus and fitness

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This is a good move..ideally speaking..but going by the track record of BMTC, the chances of a breakdown happening is way too high and when it happens on this street then it will be major chaos!

..and ofcourse, pedestrian safety needs to be looked into too..the footpaths are too narrow someplaces and public get onto the road to move faster and this is not the right thing to do with BMTC plying adequate saftey measures are necessary!

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Avenue Road

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Avenue Road, as is the case

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Avenue Road, as is the case with several other roads in Bangalore, was planned to be a straight road from Basavangudi to the Palace. Somewhere along the way these plans got scuttled by the BBMP or BMP.  With some thought and planning a lot fo the roads in Central Bangalore can be restored to their orginal objective of being arterial roads. At the moment, though, they are all mired in a series of haphazard one ways. Hopefully this change will bring about some positive changes in Bangalores traffic.

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After Russel market diversion

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After Russel market diversion and avenue road proposal the next thing in the list-Tavarekere main road

Got a surprise today morning when the conductor of 201MD(J.P.Nagar 6th phase to Domlur) said the bus wont be touching BTM bus stand and Central silk board-I took a ticket till Udupi garden and before getting down asked her what happened-she said that the road has been now blocked for Koramangla bound buses and now they have to turn through Tavarekere and join Hosur Road at Madiwala check post, continue down to St. Johns and turn to Koramangla Water tank from there 


Also the Udupi garden bus stop is now shifted to near Adayar Anand bhvana next to the petrol pump-saw this bus as well as 201G and 201 following this take left into Tavarekere


So the next narrow lane for BTP to divert BMTC has arrived comment guidelines

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