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Autorikshaw Refusals - Share your story!

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A day is not passed when we are not encountered with situations wherein 'Autorikshaw Driver' refuses to take us. Sometimes it becomes so unbearable that could make one angry at every auto in the sight. At one hand, BMTC can hardly provide a good connectivity to every part of the city and on other hand para-transit services like autos, in absence of any regulation and formalization, starts dictating the terms.

In today's NDTV news, it is reported that even film actor was asked by the auto driver to take a walk.

Mumbai:  It doesn't matter whether you are a star or a commoner; one cannot escape refusals from the city's autorickshaw drivers. And their latest victim was Bollywood actor John Abraham. He was refused a fare from his residence at Bandstand to Taj Lands End.

When John asked the reason for refusal, auto driver A Sharma said that it was an extremely short distance fare and could be easily covered on foot. "I prefer plying a short distance fare only when I have time," said Sharma.

Source - NDTV

Can we also document such refusals we come across in our daily lives? Just drop a comment with the little incident details and reason for refusal if known.

Note: I was told that the Transport Department (through RTO officials) is the right department to regulate and take penal action against deficient public service by Autos and Taxis.



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I was refused a drive in

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I was refused a drive in atleast 10 different autos at Carmelaram railway station, today morning.. I had a distance of about 6kn to cover, and the fare demanded was around 150/- Finally, I could get someone to drive me to my apartment for Rs 120/- which must still be more than double the actual fare...


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