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UVCE Hostel - Abode for less than cattle class living

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Every budding PUC (10+2) Physics/Mathematics student from Karnataka longs for joining the prestigious engineering institute - UVCE, if not for IITs and RECs. Students join this prestigious institute from nook and corner of the state. A lot of them come from very humble beginning with little to spare for decent living in B'lore. Their only hope is hostel facility. But lately, UVCE hostel has been in news for wrong reasons. The media reports indicates the Hostel building meant for UVCE is crumbling, without  adequate clean water, No Cots to sleep and everything that makes living in this hostel less than cattle class living. 16 students are bundled up in 12x12 room meant for 4 students. No wardrobes to keep the belonging.

Hostel inmates have another problem to grapple with. Illegal stay of Non-UVCE persons. Seems their problems are compounded.

Bangalore Mirror has reported this issue with more clarity with title reading "Engineering students live cattle-class".

In 2009, Deccan Herald carried the news titled "A hell-hole in the name of hostel".



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Chief Minister Busy watching Cricket Matches

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Our CM is busy watching cricket matches and going head over heels to announce lakhs of rupees to the cricketers. He is ready to pretend finding the Crores required to full fill his wish to honor our already rich cricketers.  What a shame indeed of a bankrupt CM of misplaced values! 

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What about hundred of hostels in Interiors?

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If this is the case of UVCE right in the heart of Bengaluru, just a mile away from seat of governance, surrounded by govt offices and institutions, GOD knows the plight of hostels in other towns and interiors.


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Hostel accommodation in Bangalore

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There are plenty of Paying Guest [PG] hostel and accommodations in Bangalore. The difference between PG Hostel and accommodation is that Hostel is a supervised, normally inexpensive lodging place for Students, where as PG accommodation is for working class as well as students who can afford the cost. Of course one has to choose between them as per the purse permits.

Première institutions like the IISc and IITs where the students are expected to be on the campus need to provide the student hostels. IIT hostels are single seated where as IISc hostels are double seated.

As a rule all other collages in Bangalore are not obligated to provide accommodation as such. There is no campus concept for these colleges. However education especially degree and above could be expensive.

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It is a surprise that things have not changed since 2 decades

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About 20 yeas back, I had been to UVCE hostel to mee one of my friend who has studied with me from 1st standard to 10th standard.  After looking at the condition of hostel (remember that it about 29 years back), I was shocked.  I had asked him, how he is staying there in such condition and he didn't answer.

Now, I have read that the condition of the hostel has not changed even now.

As a matter of fact, I am always seeing one more hostel (I think so, because there is a board hanging from the building!) near Royan Circle, Chamrajpet.  From the outer appearance, it looks very bad and probably residents/students can share their experiences about this hostel also.

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Centenary celebrations more important ?

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News and Photo Source - Deccan Herald

A day after Bangalore University Registrar B C Mylarappa conducted an inspection of hostels and laboratories in the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Venugopal, the principal of the college said he was keen on setting things right as soon as funds were released.

“I will embark on the task as soon as the University releases funds. I am willing to take up necessary work by pooling money from students if the varsity accords permission,”

BU Vice Chancellor N Prabhu Dev told Deccan Herald that he had met an alumnus of the College,  who had promised financial aid to the institution. This apart, Rs 300 crore has been earmarked for the centenary celebrations, he added.

Pathetic, is the one word how one can describe this theatrics of people who are tasked to look after the institutions.

instead of venting my anger, let me pose this questions?

1. Would BU, UVCE dare to publish their financials for public to look at it? How much they earn, how much govt provides and how much is spent on running the institutes?

2. If the repairs can't be taken up for paucity of funds, should we spent 300cr for centenary celebrations?

3. Should we spent on functions, speeches and what not even if the students in the students go without decent room and board facilities?

4. How does centenary celebrations add any feather to the institute when its existing infrastructure is slowly falling apart?

5. Who is responsible for upkeep of the infrastructure? Who should be held responsible for deteriorating conditions of university facilities?

6. Can the UVCE chief and BU VC, Registrar, syndicate can wash of their hands on this pathetic conditions of the university and its facilities?

7. Why should the students bear the cost for repairs when it is the responsibility of UVCE, BU and GOK to maintain it?

8. Isn't giving a facelift to the institute facilities a better way to celebrate  100 years and give our respect to the man in whose name the institute bears the name?

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UVCE - Sad

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During the 70s-80s period, UVCE attracted the brightest students & was one of the best institutions, but it's hostel wasn't the best. BMS engg college had better, but this is really sad.

People in charge must be held accountable for this mess. comment guidelines

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