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Centralized data in RTO - Filing RTI with Transport Commissioner

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I am getting ready to file some RTI's with transport department to find out the state of centralization motor vehicle data and use of same by RTOs. The Transport department's website ( mentions about computerization of  records. But no mention of if that means I can renew my DL in any RTO office in Karnataka State instead of going to particular RTO only.

"..five Regional Transport Offices of Bangalore where the records are computerized and extended the same throughout the State.."

The questions that I would like to ask them are:

  1. Whether the motor vehicle data and the driving license data has been digitized/computerized?
  2. Whether the computerized data has been centralized or not? If not, what are the plans for achieving the centralization of all data?
  3. If yes what systems and database are employed to hold and process the data?
  4. Are all the RTO's are inter-connected? If not what are the plans for the same?
  5. Any plans to share the MV and DL data with Insurances, Police authorities for enforcements and filings for revocations?
  6. What are the future plans of transport department in terms of better consumer experiences and enforcements?

I am looking forward to your feedback and more questions that can be asked via RTI. Pls feel free to post all questions not just related to RTO's centralized data only. We can certainly bunch related questions in different categories and file multiple RTI applications.


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silo mentality

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The most obvious and universally accepted identifying feature for any vehicle across the civilised world is the registration number. But, since the Traffic Police and the Transport Department can't get their acts together, they have now to have separate identifying features - check this

Muralidhar Rao
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Any more questions you want to add?

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I am ready to file the RTI. Leave a comment if you would like to add any more question to the list.

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I want to ask about this. But

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I want to ask about this. But it may not be in the scope of this RTI

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RTO's computerization - Step in right direction?

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The Karnataka State 'Transport Department' website lists plan to computerized the operations at all the RTO and in the department.

The 'Program Implementation Memorandum' provides some insight into this plan for computerization. Also prominently listed is the issue of smart cards for both Driving Licenses (DL) and Registration Certificates (RC).

Few questions:

  1. Did the project get completed in full?
  2. Did the project fulfilled the needs of the department in short term and long term?
  3. No mention of centralized database?
  4. No mention of infrastructure in place to validate the smart cards?
  5. No mention of access to other agencies?
  6. Do the RTO's provide service to citizens from other jurisdictions? Anywhere service? comment guidelines

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