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Blind, but still reaching out to his countrymen via UIDAI!

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Read Mr.Iqbal's story of courage, inspiration and sacrifice.

How well somebody has said " "The person who really wants to do something finds a way; the other person finds an excuse."

On one side we have people making all kinds of excuses for not coming forward and participating in people's efforts, on the otherside people like Mohammed Asif IQbal are really showing the way that in the end there is no room for any excuses.

Source - Indian Express

Mohammed Asif Iqbal once tried hard for acceptance, for his teachers at his Bhagalpur primary school to understand that he couldn’t read clearly what they wrote on the blackboard. They asked his father to withdraw him from school because “with only 50 per cent vision,” the boy was whiling his time away. He wasn’t going to make it, they told his father. Of course, the teachers were wrong.

At 16, after he lost all his vision, Iqbal’s uncle took him to Oregon, USA, where he enrolled in a special needs school with special educators. And today Iqbal, 34, is trying to bring that acceptance — denied to him long ago — through the Unique Identification Authority of India which launched last month to give every Indian resident a 12-digit identity number.

Iqbal, a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, is the first blind person to have taken a sabbatical to join the UIDAI to lend his “perspective” to the project, which is now considering pulling in people from the disabled community to better meet their special needs.


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Really inspiring!

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Mohammed Asif Iqbal's desire to contribute for his fellow countrymen is really commendable.

I salute him for his efforts, not withstanding the fact that he is BLIND.

Really an inspiration for all of us on Praja to put our best foot forward and contribute whatever we can. Even if it is just sharing photograph, meeting an official, analyzing a report and many more things. Let us not stop our efforts with just participating in discussions alone. comment guidelines

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