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Bus # 333 Andheri - Mahakali during peak hours - A suggestion‏

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I have been a regular office goer and hence would like to bring to your notice the difficulty faced going to office from Sai baba Bus stop to Agarkar Chowk after 8.30 am in the morning and then coming back from office after 7.00 pm in the evening  from Agarkar chowk.
In the morning once past 8.30 am there is one bus  in nearly 15 mins for Andheri, which comes full from Mahakali Caves itself and only the young will be able to latch on to the bus for the few seconds it waits at the stop to carry the passengers.  By the time i get a bus (Iam many times forced to catch a Bus no.410 alight at NELCO bus stop and  catch another bus from there to Andheri) from Sai baba stop it has taken an hour of my valuable time.
Same is the case in the Evening the buses are few after 7.00 pm, so instead of waiting for 333 no bus which would take about an hour of waiting at Agarkar chowk Bus stop, i catch a 415 No. bus which is from Agarkar Chowk to SEEPZ and i again alight at NELCO bus stop to catch another bus for either Sai Baba bus stop or Takshila bus stop (Via 410 no bus or Via 226 No. bus).  There are many more office goers who adopt the same method of coming home.  Also NELCO is  stop where people coming from various parts of Mumbai alight to catch a bus of Mahakali or MAJAS.
While waiting at NELCO in the evenings i find number of 415 No buses coming from Agarkar chowk (One almost every 2 to 3 min) most of these buses are almost empty, while we wait for almost an hour to get a connecting from NELCO to either Sai baba stop or Takshila.
My advise would be that during peak hours ie from 8.15am to 10.30 am and evening from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm a new circular route should be introduced ie from Agarkar chowk to SEEPZ via Mahakali Caves road. This should consist of 1in 3 or 4 buses currently plying on 415 route.  Thus while people going via SEEPZ to Agarkar chowk and vice versa are not effected at the same time people using the 333 no. have a more comfortable journey to and from Work.
Hope you will consider my humble suggestion as mentioned above.


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Mumbaikars looking up to PRAJA

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May be time to spread to Mumbai.

Muralidhar Rao
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Nice to see Mumbai is joining in. By now, I am sure you have seen about Praja  here  and here

Well, now regarding your issue, I was trying to let you know about the good approach (not the solution). I tried to summarize here. Though it is  generic article , it may apply here as well.

1) Try their helplines. Details are here, you may already know it. 

2) Mostly they will point you to specific depot which operates this route. 

3) Once you get depot (telephone) number, its easy to focus the discussion.

4) When you get the number of relavant authority, it would be really best to ask for appointment to meet in person. I did it practically at a depot in Bangalore. I am sure they will be reluctant to meet, but good luck.

5) At meeting, three things to do:

        a) State the problem

        b) They will respond with their interal porblems.

        c) IMPORTANT : After listening to issue patiently, you should be able to provide possible suggestion too, but dont immediatly comment. Take time to find respond and suggest solution as a layman. Praja comes in while you are at this stage, where people will try to help remotely.

Tip: If you can pull any one of BEST official to look at, things will ease a lot :)

Good luck.


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Welcome johnson

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Welcome to johnsonthomasm. As you would notice, we are very Bangalore centric right now. Would love to get public transport lovers of Mumbai on here to share ideas and constructive criticism. As we are not connected with BEST/NMMT yet, don't think anyone will be able to take your suggestion to them, but once more Mumbaikars start discussing suggestions for BEST, we would find the 'messengers'. comment guidelines

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