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Incorporating Airport Shuttle Transit Stations

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Hi all,

 This is just a concept that i am putting across. I am new to Praja and am not sure whether this idea has already been discussed here.

Conceptual Idea: Maintaining of Airport Shuttle Transit Stations to reduce the number of buses plying almost empty towards the International Airport in the wake of profitability and environmental protection.

This is just a proposal/suggestion that I am putting across that would lead to a better profitability to BMTC and also will act as a good will gesture towards the environment.

There have been a lot of shuttles deployed from different parts of Bangalore towards the Bangalore International Airport (BIAL). During the off peak hours, I have seen most of the buses running almost empty or with only 3-4 passengers on board. This kind of situation would significantly reduce the profit margin for BMTC. Other than this, considering the current environmental situations, it doesn't feel good to see such huge buses plying almost with bare minimum passengers.

I do understand that BMTC is trying to give its best services to the passengers by providing shuttles even during the off peak hours. This mainly shows that they are not only business oriented but are also customer friendly too. But the only thing that i would like to pin point here is, there could be an alternate way thought for the plying of buses during the off-peak hours.

The idea that struck on to my mind was setting up of Airport Shuttle Transit Station. This station needs to be housed at a common place (like Hebbal) where most of the buses would meet up. This station could be used to collate or group passengers from the shuttles of different routes onto a single volvo shuttle that would ply to BIAL with full strenght. This would straight away reduce the number of buses plying almost empty towards BIAL for a distance of at least 35 kms (Hebbal to BIAL).

A small calculation to illustrate my point:                                                                                           Considering 5 volvos with 5 passengers in each travelling to airport.                                    The mileage of a volvo would be around 4 kms per litre of  diesel.                                              LET US only  consider the distance from Hebbal to BIAL:                                                            Total amount of fuel consumed by single volvo would be ( 35 / 4 = ) 9 litres (approx).           Total amount of fuel consumed by 5 volvos would be ( 9 * 5 = ) 45 litres.                                   

If the Transit station concept is used, instead of using up 45 litres of our scarce diesel, we would be utilising only 9 litres as only single volvo would be plying filling all passengers from all volvos. Also, the pollution would be limited from 5 Volvos to 1 single volvo.

Now, Speaking about the Passengers Comfort. If the arrangement for shuffling of Passenger's baggage are taken care of by the BMTC staff, I guess the passengers would have no problems in alighting and boarding another Volvo shuttle at this Transit Station. I hope no passenger would object over this noble gesture by the BMTC.

Finally to conclude and recollect, if these kind of transit stations are implemented, probably we could see better profitability for BMTC. Also, the frequency of the buses at different routes would be increased to a greater extent. And last but not the least, this would be a step taken by BMTC towards Environmental Protection and Safety.

Regards,                                                                                                                                                  Jayaraman                                                                                                                                                Well Wisher of Bangalore City






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City terminal = Transit station

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If I am not wrong, one such transit station is planned to be the HSRL city terminal. North and West Bangalore can converge at HSRL Hebbal station

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BIAL buses

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Welcome Jayaraman & Greetings,

The idea expressed by you is good. After a lot of debate, I think the decks have been cleared now to go ahead with the high-speed train project on BOOT basis with private participation. The number of BIAL buses are expected to be reduced greatly once high speed trains start operating to BIAL from the city, perhaps in 3-4 years.

For the interim period (till such trains become operational), you could place your suggestions to CTMO, BMTC for consideration.


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Hi Not to flog a dead horse,

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Not to flog a dead horse, but isnt it ridiculous to spend 6000 crores on a project that can be achieved instead by what the author of this post suggests - namely a boarding terminal for busses at Hebbal - and perhaps another elsewhere. This, alonge with a BRTS would accomplish what the HSRL purports to do for a fraction of the cost. Added to this it would be more flexible and cheaper for users. All this with less environmental damage.

Since there seems to be some activity in the direction of SWR providing train service I see absolutely no reason for the HSRL. It will destroy whatever little beauty remains on Chowdiah Road and central Bangalore.




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Jayaraman, This is being

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This is being thought about by BMTC but they fear a drop in passengers as a transit would delay the journey.  If BMTC is provided with dedicated lanes after Mekhri (say after CBI flyover) the time could be cut down by another 10-20 minutes which can be a positive move.  Also use of magic boxes exclusively for buses should be tried to provide easy flow.

Rs.6000+ crores for HSRL, another Rs.680 crores for the road to BIAL is huge amounts of money going to be spent.  The Government should reconsider.  With a dedicated bus lane, we can still reach BIAL within 30 minutes from MINSK Sq. comment guidelines

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