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More roads for decongestion !!!

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Urban Development

"Over the next five years approximately Rs 55,000 crore will have to be spent in building flyovers and other arterial link roads in order to decongest the traffic in the city by 50%," said R Nagaraj, president of CREDAI's Bangalore chapter. Nagaraj said that once signal free roads such as flyovers connect to the peripheral ring roads, automatically growth would happen away from the city centre.

Source (Times of India)



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Think tanks or money banks?

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Roads to peripheries without land use regulations only lead to urban sprawl. Look at ribbon development that is happening along all radial routes leading out of the city. It is a mess & a sprawl of unimaginable proportions. There is no plan of development that is being proposed other than pour concrete for motor vehicles leading to more congestion on the arterial roads leading out of the city. Harebrained ideas from concrete pouring organizations like CREDAI. People like this, ruin urban planning. There "road" ideas must be oppposed. How does this tie up with BDA's "masterplan" & "CDP"? What are these "peripheral areas" they are talking about?

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The same group in association

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The same group in association with CII made the statement a few weeks ago that Bangalore growth should not be encouraged. So why are we talking about roads to peripheral areas? Take a stand will you? 

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Instead of Roads, Railway Lines should be the priority

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Planning departments and so called 'visionaries' still do not have learnt the mistakes from past and have not studied any developed city in a developed country.

Instead of roads, question is why aren't they thinking of commuter rail and develop suburbs around Bangalore and regulate the vehicles entering Bangalore such as high parking fees in offices and tolls.

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Likes of CREDAI is at the centre!

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or else why do we think we have so many un wanted road widening projects around the city..a glaring example was the Sankey road widening..just because there were mega housing structures coming up around YPR RS..they went ahead with the widening and cutting down trees..

So was with the recent DLF case that they are not letting BMTF to investigate..

TATA's are getting the Ittamadu road widened to 80 ft wide just to build premium appartments..

The list is really big..unfortunately everyone is riding the wave totally oblivious to the fact that wave itself is gonna take them down soon if not already!



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disappointing, and disgusting

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If CREDAI really understands peripheral development, they must read up on cluster based development, ribbon development and then start supporting Commuter Rail project.

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More roads are needed between

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More roads are needed between peripheral ring road and ORR. Also between roads like Sarjapur road and Hosur road. But now only widening and making flyovers are done. If you want to get behind areas of SEZs, you have to travel kilometers. Has ther master plan no provisions for roads every few 100 meters? When urban celing laws are removed, there should be law to develop the land held within a stipulated time. There are so much empty areas close to the city like in Whitefield, and development is happening father than that.

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Should reach out to people like Pai, Murthy about CRS

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Mr. Mohandas Pai has been invited to this CREDAI chapter, so I had this idea -

Why not we rech out to people like Mohandas Pai, Narayan Murthy, Kiran Muzumdar Shaw, other prominent people, and if they are convinced, so we can request them to talk about commuter rail and sub-urban rail, whenver they talk about bangalore and bangalore's infrastructure in the city or state, even in the neighbourhood towns.

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