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Elevated road on an already signal free road!

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The BDA has proposed a six-lane bi-directional flyover from Le Meridien to Cauvery junction, all the way up to CBI junction on Bellary Road.

Read this nonsense proposal here

Why was the Palace grounds acquired then? How many lanes do we want to add? We have already alienated Byatrayanapura by building elevated road from Hebbal to Yelahanka without bothering to provide access to people but still charging toll. How much more nonsense should we tolerate? We should not allow any more building until the engineering of current roads is fixed. 


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Fix engineering first

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Current roads are engineered badly & a lot of problems will be solved by fixing that. Flying over problems bypassing population by building inaccessible redundant monstrosities isnt the way. I also would like to see better throughput on orridor roads but this is not  solution at all. I had better hopes from RK Mishra than pushing such harebrained projects. 

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price to pay for..Subramanya's legacy?

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Have always thought that the camel humps starting from BDA need to go..they are no good.they were never needed in the first place..maybe they can give back the acquired properties or reuse them for other purposes..but if done right this might be the opportunity to correct many follies..

I would say drop the bridge just before the hebbal flyover so that all junctions are addressed..would have been better if NHAI would have done it but good engineering should address issues..

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BDA Engineers have MUD in Head

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I also read this article and was shocked the way BDA has Planned...they have MUd in Head..thats my conclusion...dont know who gives such ideas to them ?? they should be punished first.

I thought..couple of underpasses will ease the traffic from windsor manor bridge to Hebbal flyover ..

First, an underpass @ windsor that traffic moves smoothly, second one at the cauvery junction...(since they are widening the road they can build whilst widening itself) no more underpass/flyover required at other places...we need to stream line the bus stop at Air Force station..probably couple of bus bay's  will solve the bottle neck. lastly there should be an pedestranian subway/sky that people can walk easily...if these things are implimented..I think 80% of the tafiic jam  will be solved..

6 lane bi-directional flyover...bull shit idea...its gonna be criminal waste of public money...

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It is confirmed now..

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they have their brains up their asses. I am sick and tired of these idiots not fixing what is broken, but moving the problem down the lane to somewhere else.. I am sick and tired of this nonsense.

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Have flyovers solved anything?

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We can keep building flyovers and underpasses.  But where have they permanently solved any problem?  They have probably solved some corporators bank balance problem at best.

The BDA and BBMP first need to change their mindset about cities.  Cities are not about cars moving fast without interruption from pedestrians.  Their current mindset is a mish mash of the USA and China - that somehow we can have a car based society in urban India by spending lots of money on flyovers.

Richmond Circle flyover was supposed to have "solved" the problem at Richmond Circle.  What has it done?  Just moved around bottle necks.  

Ditto Hyderabad where the flyovers on SP Road were touted as the next best thing after sliced bread.  And in Bombay where the flyovers on the WE Highway.  They resemble parking lots at 9:30 in the morning.  The average speed on the WE Highway is about 10 kmph between Andheri and Kandivali in the evenings.  

We always seem to have money to build flyovers but never enough to complete pavements and put decent medians and traffic islands.  



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Wish list

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Now that we have established that we don't want an elevated highway let us articulate what we want. I will take a shot at the wish list

  1. Existing carriage way at surface level should be used optimally – Public transport, Pedestrians & NMT are at a severe disadvantage. They should be promoted as the first priority inside the ORR area on all corridors. The stretch between Highgrounds & Hebbal flyover should be engineered to cater the above categories first & any remaining space should be allocated to Private vehicles. Dedicated bus lane, with wide footpath, service lane for businesses which are being allowed to open directly on to the corridor, pedestrian crossings every 250 meters should be the first priority along this route.
  2. Any traffic beyond the current ROW limit should be discouraged with Congestion charging measures – Toll should be charged for people wanting to get into the CBD beyond the Hebbal flyover. Trying to match 16 to 18 lanes on the highway should be strongly discouraged inside the ORR zone. The ring road should be used/enhanced to disperse any traffic more than current capacity from entering inside the ORR area & all CBD bound traffic should stop at Hebbal, park & take the public transport like Metro & Bus to the CBD.
  3. People along the Route are not lesser mortals – The need for an elevated highway seems to arise from the fact that people from other parts of Bangalore need to get to the Airport & consider the local traffic a hinderance to their movement. The people of RMV 1st & 2nd stages, RT & Sanjay nagar, Vasanth Nagar, Viyalikaval  and other areas along this corridor deserve to have equal rights to any infrastructure that is built along this corridor. RMV cannot get access via a ramp & the other areas ignored. Any attempt to exclude any area on the basis of a traffic study is against the fundamental rights of the citizens. Signal freeing at surface level as has currently been done along with entry & exit for all areas along the corridor to the infrastructure that has been built is sufficient. If any DPR is done it should address reengineering & removing existing magic boxes & putting up new realigned ones at grade, preparing service lanes, pedestrian amenities, with shade trees, NMT lanes & bus lanes.
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New Commissioner

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With Bharat Lal Meena out let us hope the new Commissioner will take a sensible approach.  Meena was the BBMP Commissioner who went ahead with Tagore Circle underpass without any logical reasoning.  

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Love point 3

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Love point 3.  Very few people get it.  For some reason people who commute from one place to another get higher priority than the residents of the locality they go through.  Road widening by taking people's houses is inequitable on that count.  

I have been living on a road for say 25 years.  BBMP and BDA have screwed up their town planning and now decide that I need to disrupt my life so that some people can go 5 minutes faster to work.  Is it fair? 

Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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second class citizens

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Hebbal flyover is a perfect example of how all these elevated flyover dreams just end up turning the surface into a filthy ghetto. Just visit the under the flyover to see the pathetic traffic situation.

Now as per this report they are widening this flyover for the poeple on top. I can see the pillars already put up. This will reduce the width of the surface road exit to Bhoopasandra into half a lane unfit for buses & pedestrians to pass thru without damage to one another. No ped facilities, no lanes no bus stop no rules of the road here. All the underpasses are briken to the point of disrepair.

This coupled with the fact that the people from Bhoopasandra have no access to either ring road or the airport without having to travel 2 kms extra for a U turn. This is exactly why such elevated flyovers should not be allowed. Obviously they were considered not worthy of a ramp. BETL is not any better. the chaos at the junctions below is not any better than it was before the elevated road was constructed. I am sure Byatarayanpura will be left stinking after the elevated flyover opens while the residents will pay toll near the airport for an elevated road they did not use.

Clearly here is the message to the people. Every elevated flyover you allow int he city or outside ends up making the place worse off, not better. The concept being, the flyover is meant for non local people to fly over the problems at the surface, the locals who lent that place for this infrastructure are second class citizens who only contribute tax for others to allow you to wallow in filth while they fly over you. No effort will be made to apply any amount of engineering to make the surface better.

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do what k'mangala ppl did..

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@Sathya..understand this is being done by NHAI and not the useless why not muster up local support including the MLC and demand plans for the road below..

It can get drastic like stopping the works till they explain the access I understand NHAI is  most times good with their planning as the engineers are quite well read..

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The fancy elevated highways

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The fancy elevated highways across the city are being planned by BDA/BBMP who have very poor track record of these infrastructure works. A glance at the engineering marvels on ring road shows speed bumps bringing traffic to a halt on a newly constructed underpass near Hennur on a 60kmph ring road, snaking flyovers reducing the speed to 40kmph, monster potholes at the right lane of banaswadi underpass which tore my tyre sidewall in a second (5k rupees damage), ill maintained Beninganahalli flyover, monster speedbump near ramamurthy nagar underpass which completely takes out the underchassis of low slung cars, sharp curves without appropriate banking... the list is endless. Heck just widening Hosur road has been going on for years & it looks like a snake which has swallowed a deer.

Here is an article today regarding BETL.

He said that the reduced speed limit, to 60 kmph from 80 kmph and surveillance through closed circuit television cameras were the reason for near-nil accidents on the elevated road.

Wrong, the elevated highway is going to have less fatalities because there are zero conflict points & crossings or even pedestrians. The only incidents will be mistakes by the vehicles in changing lanes or rearending which are rarely fatal even at grade.

By not doing a grade seperator we have still left conflict points below the ground for the same straight thru traffic. So where are the crash barriers? the median barriers? The pedestrian lights? the markings etc? What is the pedestrian signal phase time in each of the junctions on the Hosur highway? 

More proof

While no fatalities were reported on the elevated road since its opening, the road beneath continues to witness fatalities, a majority of whom are pedestrians, he said


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Signal Free Roads without Skywalks - A nightmare for Pedestrains

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BDA and BBMP is planning singal free corridors without skywalks for pedestrains to cross the roads. On the Outer Ring Road, ORRCA has turned blind for their employees who come in PT / Walk and cross the roads. All the vehicles will be in around 70-80 kph especially the cabbies who have left their humanity as soon as they took up their job. You need to have your life in your hand while crossing the roads.
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