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Driving School Scam - BBMP

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While most of the driving schools charge Rs 2,500-Rs 3,000 per candidate for training, BBMP had agreed to pay Rs 3,800 per candidate from these six schools. “Each school had produced documents claiming that they had trained 70 to 80 candidates and received lakhs as fees. However, these schools had not trained any candidate,” official sources from BBMP revealed.


Why does BBMP fund driving schools? Isnt that the transport departments subject area? Arent there rules of what BBMP gets into & not? How can citizens allow BBMP too loot their tax money like this? 


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BBMP seems to have hit a

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BBMP seems to have hit a crisis point. They are in a deep hole whose bottom is unknown. It is filled with so many criminals & petty thieves that the entire organization must be slapped with a section 420. The few good people, if any, dont even matter anymore. They are at an inflection point & the only way I see is for them to completely rehaul & transform themselves. They need to get an independent assessment on how they should transform & take up the transformation without any interference. Otherwise citizens are saddled with an NPA they need to decide how to get rid of.

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indeed, calls for total transformation

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Is there anything at all that the BBMP is (mis)managing without being embroiled in a scam. Even sending some officials to the jail does not seem to deter the others (as also those coming out on bail) from continuing in their ways. Obviously, the present levels of punishments are not enough deterrents, particularly when you can have neta's with skin thicknesses of the levels of the immediate past CM. Perhaps confiscation of property, twice the value linked to the scam, could do the trick?

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whats DSS doing?

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The money swindled here was from funds reserved for the SC/ST..and its a surprising revelation that 22.75% of budjet is dedicated to them..

DSS and other backward commuinity orgs are fightning stupidly for keeping Dr Ambedkars statue aloft infront of VidhanaSoudha..hampering metro works..instead they should be looking at something more auditing the funds reserved for them! comment guidelines

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