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The Most Horrific Traffic in the Entire World

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TrafficTraffic jams

So how do we fix gridlock? IBM says building more (or wider) roads won't help—not enough space or money. The answer lies in data. Which makes sense, as IBM makes money by processing and selling data. But it does make sense—taking the roads we have already and routing traffic through them more efficiently. This means collecting data via road sensors and vehicle GPS, and sending it to drivers and municipalities in a way that lets you avoid congestion. That might mean taking an earlier or later exit. It might mean staying at work 20 minutes later, or leaving 15 minutes earlier. 



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population density effect..

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was just curious about the effect on population density on the traffic..

has the density ideally more dense the population..chances are that traffic situation will be worse..

But SHanghai and Mumbai are still doing good..the main reason being a good rail network backbone..which Blr lacks

Even Delhi lacks because of ineffective metro routes design..hopefull Blr learns from Delhis failures!

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Not 100% sure about

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Not 100% sure about this (above comment)

Imagine if Bangalore, exactly how it is, was stretched to four times its current area. We would have less vehicles per unit of road area. but we'd also have to drive twice the distance we currently do. So while traffic speeds may improve, I would guess we'd spend overall more time in traffic.

Case in point is greater Los Angeles: very low density for a city of its population. but people spend a lot of time in their vehicles since everything is very dispersed, despite massive highways everywhere.

I agree with the second part of your comment - rail (or potentially other) public transport backbone is key. I can't think of any city in the world with more than 5 million people and without good public transport -  that is tolerable to get around. comment guidelines

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