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RTO - Fountainhead of Traffic woes

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 five permits were issued in different names against a photo of a single person (by the RTO)

... It is hard to believe that such a thing happens in a city like Bangalore


This is the entity which is supposed to put on our roads drivers who know things beyond accelerator brake & clutch (ABC). Do they themselves know these things? I doubt it very much. Who is going to teach this old dog new tricks?


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Quotes from Mr Bhaskar Rao

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in Nov '09 (click here for full details):

Mr Bhaskar Rao, Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety, in his introductory remarks, openly admitted to his department being amongst the most non-performing components of the system. He then went to elaborate on how he was set to change it all. The fact of the matter is that he has been in the post long enough, and when he finally gears himself to take action, it will be time for him to be shifted elsewhere, leaving the same cycle to be repeated by the next incumbent.

in Dec '10 (click here for full details):

Mr Bhaskar Rao, commissioner for transport and road safety,readily admitted,”The transport department at the lower levels is very corrupt. Supervision and manpower are our main challenge areas. My department needs 300 motor vehicle inspectors of which I have only 40. Institutionally, we are also poor in road safety. Driving schools also contribute to road safety concerns. They teach the ABC (accelerator, break, clutch) rule, get you a license on paying Rs 1,000 that also turns adds a killer on the road.

Says all doesn't it? The only point of note during his long tenure as the Transport Commissioner was his participation in the "tour du Nilgiris" cycle ride, with his staff car in close attendance. Not surprising - the kind of legacy he has left behind.

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Yet another...

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vehicle registration certificate books and driving licences with smart cards has fallen flat as smart card readers have failed to read the data embedded in cards that have been issued.


The  transport department has already issued as many as 43.14 lakh smart cards... "The data in nearly 60% of these smart cards cannot be accessed due to a technical glitch,"...  The department officials believed that the problem lay with the software used in entering data into the smart cards. comment guidelines

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