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IPC Sec 299 offence by BBMP?

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 As she neared Krumbigal Road, she swerved to avoid a rotting pile of garbage, skidded and a private bus coming from behind hit her vehicle. When she fell to the road, the bus ran over her. She didn't stand a chance.

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Isnt this criminal negigence leading to culpable homicide? An automatic prosecution under Sec 299 of IPC? Shouldnt the area corporator & BBMP engineer be prosecuted for this? Shouldnt this become grounds for automatic dismissal from service? When there are no repurcussions of the work being done why will they bother? How will they feel responsible for keeping their ward safe? Do they know how unsafe the wards are? CWG has shown us what we are (in)capable of.


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Absolutely, wish a lawyer pursues the case

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Senior public servants (read BBMP bosss) would probably enjoy some constitutional immunity. Getting afer corporators might be hard. But the agency responsible for managing solid waste / garbage could possible be pursued. It could be that the residents are dumping garbage, with neither BBMP, nor a solid waste management agency involved directly with their actions.

But seriously, wish a good lawyer chased a case like this. comment guidelines

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