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Police Insanity

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Traffic inspector creates jam

On her part, Inspector Susheela seemed unperturbed by the chaos she had created. “Yes, I parked my jeep on the road as there was no space around. It was important for me to attend to the traffic jam on the adjoining road in the interest of the public. Why don’t you understand that I did not go there for my personal work,” she retorted.

Prima facie a case of insanity? These kind of people need to be removed immediately. I call on Addl.CP Traffic, Praveen Sood to suspend her immediately for deriliction of duty and conduct unbecoming of a police officer.



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Photographic evidence

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Apart from having photo evidence of this incident sufficient enough to warrant suspension AND a challan, I have seen a lot of police vehicles violate traffic rule brazenly when they dont have sirens on. I cant imagine how they can set our city right if they themselves dont follow rules. 

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Suspension might be a little harsh

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I'm not in favor of picking one individual and making an example out of her/him, especially because traffic violations by the police are rampant. Until they installed an unbroken median near Shivananda circle, I used to see Traffic police vehicles regularly (almost on a daily basis) getting on the other side of the divider just to get to the front of the traffic. I believe the police top brass should aggressively educate its force and then enforce a no-tolerance code, first for its own people and then the rest of the citizens.

Deepak Rajanna

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 I believe the police top

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 I believe the police top brass should aggressively educate its force and then enforce a no-tolerance code, first for its own people and then the rest of the citizens.

This IS the top brass. How high should we go for common sense to be a basic qualification? What do you teach inspectors? Traffic rules? They are the ones who are supposed to teach the public. 

Sorry but if common sense doesnt exist I dont think she will be capable of solving the bigger problems we have. There is no need to put up with such officers. 

Really this one should take the cake. It isnt even parked. Its like left on the road on an as is where is basis. An entire auto can squeeze in between the jeep & the footpath.

The consequence was worse, a 45 min long jam while she was solving another jam. What irony. How did she solve the other jam park another vehicle on that road?

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 At the very least I request

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 At the very least

1) I request a clarification from the traffic police department to the news paper testifying to the sanity and qualifications of the men and women employed to keep the public safe & orderly  

2) I expect a challan to be issued to the officer based on the photographic evidence and consequent statements made by the officer to the newspaper comment guidelines

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