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Residents take Bescom to task

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Residents take Bescom to task

 Bescom has asked them to shift their meters without any guidelines on how to do the same or who will pay, and the short notice of just a month to make the change. "How can Bescom threaten to disconnect power if we don't shift meters? Have they spelt out the procedure? Are there any qualified electricians listed by Bescom who would do it? Who will pay? Why didn't they tell us earlier about this?


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Wrong problem being solved

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Instead of employing technologies like Automatic meter reading, Smart meter and upgrading to smart gridsnon-intrusive load monitoring etc. which solves the problem of "meter reading" itself. They are trying to solve the problem of the "meter reader". Classic BESCOM keeping their brains in the safety deposit locker and going out with half baked solutions that cause maximum harm providing minimal future benefits. 

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Some clarification

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 Industries force Bescom to ‘unplug' meter order

Though the order never included the domestic consumers, Bescom authorities are forcing them too to shift the meters. “It was meant for just industries and commercial establishments, but our officers went ahead to include the domestic consumers too,” 

There have been lot of pronouncements by BESCOM on tracking till the pole. I feel they need to make that investment and take the last mile plunge to smart metering at the end point. Everything else is a waste of time.

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More nonsense

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 Dark year for State

According to the minister, the State is expected to generate 117 million units power in August against a demand of 120 mu. In September, power generation will be 119 mu and demand 125 mu. 


 The objective was to adopt IT to reduce losses, collection of accurate baseline data, IT applications for energy accounting/auditing and IT-based consumer service centres

T&D losses per bescom claim is 17%. This is against innaccurate baseline data. Worldwide T&D losses are < 5%. So even a 10% improvement in T&D will easily meet the demand without having to resort to any load shedding. 50% of the T&D losses is due to pilferage (stealing). 

Another case of passing of T&D to 3rd party. BESCOM should concentrate on planning and generating energy for a booming next 30 years. comment guidelines

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