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Are we a Hobbesian society

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We show the pattern of what is called a Hobbesian society: one in which there is low trust between people. Our opportunism necessarily means that we do not understand collective good.

Since we now have a category called India I thought I should post this. 

Are we a Hobbesian society?

While we have figured out the explanation, Does our culture make us what we are? How do we change the behaviour?


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Opportunism as a culture

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Remove mediocrity and thrive

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   According to Michael Finley of the American Society for Quality,  

  • “No free society can ignore the issue of quality. Healthy societies are societies in which the entire population is trained and motivated to do good work services, manufacturing, the arts, in every sector. Extraordinary civilizations "golden ages" occur when every sector is aware of and working toward excellence.”

    All of us should strive for a nation wide awareness for attaining excellence in spread of literacy, improved education, industries, health, government, services. We need to create awareness  through a nation wide campaign that gets to every automan, movie buffs and television couch potatos, teashop and paanshop visitors, to think differently and go about their work with sincerity and honesty.

   Moving a billion people into this mould is a dream come true. But let there be a beginning somewhere at sometime;  why can't it be now? Isn't it better late than never?   Time has come for the present day generation to be a little more accountable and transparent in their attitudinal behavior for the sake of our existence.

   Most religions want the followers to share the nature's bounty in an equitable manner, not to over exploit, live within the prescribed norms, not to hoard and make it unavailable to others because nothing is permanent and we cannot carry anything when we are dead.  

   Let it not be a case of 'Paapi sampaadisiddu parara paalu'. 

-  Art of living depends upon our mindset - this need not be told by any guruvaryaas.  We all have good and bad thoughts embedded in our hearts.  When we are hungry we eat, like wise, when we think that we should share, we should share. simple.

-   There is so much of pleasure in sharing everything in this little wonderful world.  Remember, one TSUNAAMI can destroy our dreams within seconds.


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