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Safety of old age people

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I would like to share my todays experience.

A courier boy came to deliver.

today these days being very unsafe to invite any strangers inside, I usually take any such things to verify through a window and take delivery through it.

I was suspisious on the courier on few counts


  1. he brought delivery at 8.30 Pm
  2. when questioned about the courier company he was not able to tell any genuine courier company name.
  3. It was a parcel, from some prepaid company( i never order such things)
  4. the company was some boyeye, which i have never heard.
  5. i never use anywhere my personal number, we always use only my husbands mobile number.

all put together , i was alone and refused to take delivery and sent him off.

but still he was hanging around.

there were two strong young boys who came to deliver.

now assuming this situation to be fake , I would like  certain points to be included in the courier rules for the safety of the citizens.

  1. courier company can intimate the delivery through smsand  take confirmation if the reciever will be there.
  2. let courier deliveries be delivered within a stipulated time of 6 pm .
  3. the delivery boys name and mobile number could be  sent by sms

we can verify if it is authentic and then entertain the courier.


crimes have been increasing, in many pretexts to enter the house , one of them is courier.

so we the citizens have to voice for our safety.





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