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VTU banning cars/bikes - good idea!

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Public Transport

I read an article that vtu is considering to ban students from using two wheelers and cars to college.

regarding this I was discusing with one of my friends in california, she gave me a valid point, that schools there , prefer to enrol only children within 2 -5 kms max. she shifted to an area where she liked the school and was good for her children.

I remember my cousin here telling the same point when she enrolled her child in sophia school, here in bangalore, has the same concept. If this rule is made compulsary we can save energy, children exhaustion and control traffic at the peak hours.


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 Really there are various

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 Really there are various advantages of having admission in school close home especially walking distance like:

1. Children get complete sleep and they can wake up a bit late thus getting up fresh

2.Have food and small walk-thus enabling energy releasing and also child develops intention to walk

3.Any problem parent or care-taker can easily get the child to safe custody of house

4.Child is not majorly affected by any political or natural disaster affecting while it is in school and can reach home safely

5.Child doesnt get  tired by travelling home from school and hence saves energy

I was very lucky enough not to travel much to school-school is over I was back home in 10 minutes and had good time and energy to spend my whole day. It is seriously a very good concept of having child closer to home. 


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need good bus services first

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But, for that you need to have good bus services. And, a govt monopoly like BMTC cannot be expected to provide that, however good they may seem to have improved their services of recent. The answer perhaps lies here, or in variations thereof.

Muralidhar Rao
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Definitely a good development

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While there will be more like Murali who will say provide good alternatives first, but a fact is that such measures will create the demandside pressure that is needed for BMTC (and later Metro) to get better and better.

Right now its a vicious cycle

  1. Bus service / PT not good enough
  2. So I will not use PT
  3. So Busses/PT left to those who can't afford private vehicles
  4. Ignoring the few of us who talk BMC etc here, the masses that take the Busses don't really have the time and resources to put pressure for better services, they just put up with what they get.

You can change it two ways.

  1. Hope or Lobby for BMTC to get so good, that people leave private vehicles behind
  2. Create situations that force people to look at and use PT, so that they put the pressure that will make BMTC get better. Think a Bus only Shopping area, heavy and at-market rate parking fees, CBD congestion tax etc, things like what VTU V-C is asking for.

Should do both. And both are needed. Can't rely on just one of the above.

Coming to VTU - since they have taken this up, they must now take student commuter's complaints to BMTC and press for action (aka support that they should get in return for bringing new customers to BMTC).

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Same way for IT Companies - New SEZ Policy?

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We all know that IT folks are the biggest traffic contributors compared to colleges since bikes of colleges will be replaced by cars and nowadays single occupancy SUVs/MUVs .  Well, if the same method if followed in IT companies, or atleast, if  high parking fees is levied for parking cars, people will start using office transport or public transport.

I don't think it will ever happen because of car lobbying factor of upper management in all the IT companies citing 'n' number of reasons not to take Office Transport or Public Transport. So, it should be part of SEZ regulations. Pooled cars with 4 members inside the car should not be charged.

This way company is also benefitted. They need less staff to man parking lots, less space is needed for car parking and companies can expand their office space into parking lots.

I heard that parking fees for managers in IT Cos of ITPL can be claimed which is a very bad practice.


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No response for this !!

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Surprisingly I found no response for the above comment. Lobbying!!!. Everyone wants others to go by bus so that they can drive comfortably without traffic as was posted by cartoon in Praja sometime back!!!!.

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I am for it Vasanth

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... and we tried our bit by at least making Bus Day that day once a month.

As a symbolic gesture, may be we should put a 'dummy' car/bike use fee on  bus day. Can collect the money and donate to a charity, but just doing one such thing would be a cool experiment.

As always, it will require 4-5 people to plan and try do this on Aug or Sep Bus Day.

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Push from companies

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If the IT companies can give a little push then things can change dramatically.  The more influential IT companies can put pressure on govt to improve PT. This will also earn the companies some brownie points :-)


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