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Global warming - building cracks?

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I had been to Tirupathi 20 -25 days back, before the fall of sri kalahasthi kopuram.

on my way , I visited sri kalahasthi templeand saw the  crack in the gopuram and was thinking about all through my journey.

on my way back I visited my cousin living in Chittoor, they live in an 60 -70 year old house, every time i visited i felt so happy as the building was in good condition even after all these years.

but this time i noticed big cracks in the ceiling, then I recollected the cracks in sri kalalhasthi.

When I visted ,at that point of time the weather was at 44 degrees or more so.

then my thought was that do most building crack fast as the temperature keeps on increasing.

what is the fate of humanbeings, without shelter.

I was deeply concerned about the future generation .

today iread the cracking in the srirangapatna temples gopuram.

Has the journey for the extinct of human beings started.

god made good things we destroyed.we wanted more and more comforts and invented and polluted .

we should follow the principle of roti kapada and then house and then luxury.

today we are in a opposite direction of luxury , house , clothing and food.

food which is most important for exsistance has to be given more thrust and importance.

I would like somebody to clarify what is the resistance and strength of buildings as temperature increases.



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Global warming is not the cause of everything!

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I very much doubt if a few degrees rise (it won't be more than a degree) in average annual temperature can cause concrete to crack. Attributing all ills around us to Global warming is , IMO, unscientific and a little distracting. The rest of your concerns are valid.

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