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alternate usage of currency notes

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Today the habba day has a very first page  in times of india, scene of mayawathi getting garlanded with 1000 rupee notes, amounting to 5 crores.

I read an article sometime back that RBI has mentioned that  a rule is being brought in,where currency cannot be used for alteranate purpose other than for transaction as money.

anybody using other than the specific  purpose will be severly punished as it is damaging the notes and cost of printing is very high, and has to  be maintained. this article was published when one of the ministers in Tamilnadu was garlanded.

will this stand good for all . or is it for commom man. or has the rule  been abolished.



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These non-sense has to be stopped

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These kind of things have been happening for so long with Mayavati, only with her mostly. Think of 5 crores, I mean that is too much for the garland but surely would have bought food for so many poor people in UP who sleep hungry everyday. This is ridiculous, this has to be stopped in future.

I am not sure about the law stopping this, but I hope somebody who is aware of any such law and have some kind of way to oppose this and complain against this, it would be great.

I mean, doing all these, how can she stil ask for vote from those hungry peoples, and wasting such public money. So non-sense of her and her party. Earlier statues, Elephants, and now LifeSize Billboards, purses, currency garlands, what is she doing with our money?

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Miss use of currency notes

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 In March 12, 2008, that is about 2 years back, RBI had given vent to its displeasure at the habit of people using currency notes to display their social status.There is an urgent need  to curb forth with this kind of vulgar and ominous display of affection. Good governance demands to nip in the bud the economic offence of this magnitude. God save this country. comment guidelines

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