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Suffering in Konankunte - will BBMP please listen to us?

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We the citizens of konanakunte, srinidhi layout, 1st main, 1st cross. are living in a primitave old civilisation environment. we do not have proper manhole and sanitation, storm water drains and roads. We will be facing a lot of problems once monsoon rains starts.

We have approached all sources to get the works done. On enquiry they say the survey has been done and even sanctioned for the improvement of the layout. But till today nothing has been done.

BBMP has put up  boards mentioning that the works to some amount have been done, mentioning our layout.

A week back on enquiry they said they have put on hold  because of the election, this answer we have been having for the past 3 months. the election is getting postponed  and never our road work is getting started.

We belong to ward no.195. All initiatives have been done signing by all residents and handed over to BBMP.copies to local head. we are stilll without any sight of works startiing. all surrounding places have been done except a part of the layout.

Somebody please suggest as to how things should be moved forward.

worried citizen


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BBMP online complaint

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Go to BBMP site, find link to "Spandana". Register your grievance there (here is the link Post their reply here. If they don't keep their dates, and not reply at all, post here, mail to newspapers.

If Spandana is not helping you get responses to these problems, let us tell the world that Spandana is just an eyewash.

Try it.

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BBMP quick response

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With respevt to my complaint about roads not done. I was guided by silkboard to a link to give my complaints to spandana, I was able to access easily and regiter my complaint , also docket number has been generated and confirmed to my mobile.

thanks to silk board.

such fast actions , I really appreciate it.


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Keep at it, and share here

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Any dates mentioned in their response back to you? Keep at it. If they do respond with promises, or actually do something in your area, let everyone know that BBMP does listen.

If you don't hear anything, or hear only general replies like "we will look into it", let all of us know that also. That way all will know know that BBMP's spandana is nothing but citizen avamaana. comment guidelines

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