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bbmp bus stop

This is regarding an article in times today.

Bus shelter goes missing , BBMP asks cops to find it.

BBMP has to be blamed for this, as we see many works going on in many places ,

All the citizens do see the works and none interfere as they feel the work is being done by BBMP.

Primary Education

During the summer holidays , when children go for holidays and no school,we notice less traffic.

the reason behind this is lot of children travel a lot to a particular school, no matter wherever children stay.

the to and fro   to school , can be brought down by alloting children schools only with in 5 kms of their residence.


Urban Development

Bombay has this culture of apartment from a long time, but Bangalore has started this only for the past 20 years , Once a culture is copied even the problems forseen over a period of time and how it is ddressed there, has to be implemented,

solar power


Using the used cans , building solar panels, this is both helping the power sector and managing the coke tins in an efficient manner. Man Heats Backyard Studio with Repurposed Soda Can Solar Panel Peter Rowan left his job as a “corporate weenie” in 2010 to live a life with less stuff and fewer expenses and with more time to pursue his dreams.

Debris created after ganesha festival


I was passing by last week by yedyur lake after the ganesha festival and the imerge of the idols.

the debris that had created was huge.

a few years ago , only few were keeping the idols in the public,

today it has bcome competetion sort to keep bigger than each other locality,  area, and each other street and so on.

Insecurity for the citizens of bangalore

family goes to work ,in broad daylight your house is brought down and looted, is ther no end to such acts, citizens have to pressurise the govt on such issues.

land mafias increasing.

today an article in hindu has to be considered by all the citizens of bangalore tomorrow it can happen to any citzen, we have to voice to take action by the law and order deartment.

Safety of old age people

I would like to share my todays experience.

A courier boy came to deliver.

today these days being very unsafe to invite any strangers inside, I usually take any such things to verify through a window and take delivery through it.

I was suspisious on the courier on few counts


Land sharks and problems

Our land in Muniswamy Layout in ward no 195 is under land sharks, though we are the owners of the land , i have been threatened not to enter the layout, we will be beaten up.

diwali crakers global warming


I am still pondering in the point of no crakers for diwali.

I have lived all these years every diwali enjoying crakers and festive mood with sweets during diwali.

for the past 4 years after reading a lot about global warming , i had decided we should not burst crakers.

VTU banning cars/bikes - good idea!

Public Transport

I read an article that vtu is considering to ban students from using two wheelers and cars to college.

regarding this I was discusing with one of my friends in california, she gave me a valid point, that schools there , prefer to enrol only children within 2 -5 kms max. she shifted to an area where she liked the school and was good for her children.

Global warming - building cracks?


I had been to Tirupathi 20 -25 days back, before the fall of sri kalahasthi kopuram.

on my way , I visited sri kalahasthi templeand saw the  crack in the gopuram and was thinking about all through my journey.

on my way back I visited my cousin living in Chittoor, they live in an 60 -70 year old house, every time i visited i felt so happy as the building was in good condition even after all these years.

but this time i noticed big cracks in the ceiling, then I recollected the cracks in sri kalalhasthi.

When I visted ,at that point of time the weather was at 44 degrees or more so.

then my thought was that do most building crack fast as the temperature keeps on increasing.

what is the fate of humanbeings, without shelter.

I was deeply concerned about the future generation .

today iread the cracking in the srirangapatna temples gopuram.

Has the journey for the extinct of human beings started.

god made good things we destroyed.we wanted more and more comforts and invented and polluted .

we should follow the principle of roti kapada and then house and then luxury.

alternate usage of currency notes

Everything else

Today the habba day has a very first page  in times of india, scene of mayawathi getting garlanded with 1000 rupee notes, amounting to 5 crores.

I read an article sometime back that RBI has mentioned that  a rule is being brought in,where currency cannot be used for alteranate purpose other than for transaction as money.

anybody using other than the specific  purpose will be severly punished as it is damaging the notes and cost of printing is very high, and has to  be maintained. this article was published when one of the ministers in Tamilnadu was garlanded.

will this stand good for all . or is it for commom man. or has the rule  been abolished.


BBMP election - candidate information

Everything else

The election for the bbmp is around the corner, at this point of time giving ideas is late,but atleast the future elctions can take up these actions.

Election commision should also go into latest technology by promoting a website,saving paper, allowing every candidate some particular byte space to write about himself, this accessible to all citizens. We citizens have never heard of the candidate who contests and the busy professionals dont take time to find out about the candidate.

 I suggest that all the candidates contesting,

1)  mention the ward he is contesting,born and eduated place and institution. with his family details and  his motto.

 2) the party he is representing

 3) Brief history when he enterd the politics, year to year which party he was in, his position from which party he held, reason for leaving the party to join the next party,

 4) disclosure of his assets, what is his business, what is his income, what are the servces he has achieved during his tenure.

5) what are his administration skills,

49-O : option to vote for nobody

every one who is grieving about the civic problems not addressed in your area . take action. this is the only cahnce in four years you get to address the problem.

read this article.

Suffering in Konankunte - will BBMP please listen to us?


We the citizens of konanakunte, srinidhi layout, 1st main, 1st cross. are living in a primitave old civilisation environment. we do not have proper manhole and sanitation, storm water drains and roads. We will be facing a lot of problems once monsoon rains starts.

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