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ORR has become a private bus boarding point

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Traffic jams

I am not sure how many of you travel on ORR near Marathalli or pass through the area. Multiple private operators start their long distance routes from the junction and they park their vehicles on Marathalli ORR underpass from 6pm through 9pm.. This has become the new clog area for people going towards KR Puram and Hebbala with all these private operators, regular BMTC buses, cabs and the regular commuters.

I am not sure who should enforce or regulate this. Is it the transportation department to look into the private operators or is it the traffic police, who anyway don't care..



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Agree. Need to work with traffic police

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Completely agree.  After about 6pm, thsat part is becoming a majot choke point. The cops have to do something.  We should probably approach the local police station. maybe during their regular once a month contact period?

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A few ways to go forward -

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(1) Post on the facebook page of BTP and give them the exact location with photographs.

keep posting the message, until they give any response.

(2) Take this issue to the monthly meeting, i think every second or third saturday.

(3) Try to get media attention, if you have any contacts, may be try citizen matters, etc etc. comment guidelines

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