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Movie Theaters and allowing minors

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We went to a newly released Hindi movie yesterday in Innovative Multiplex. The posters, the songs (played both on TV and Radio) looked and sounded like an 'adults only' movie. infact, the rating of the movie was 'A'.

in the interval we were stunned to see young kids in the movie theater and to our horror were discussing the movie with their parents.

Now, keeping the parent's judgement of bringing kids to addult movies aside, which civic body oversees the enfocement of rules in movie theaters?

I would like to lodge a complaint and need help in pointing me to the right direction.




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Parents have to take the call... News Papers Content too...

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I think parents have to take the call. Since most of the people in Bangalore are from outside and cannot leave their kids anywhere to watch such 'A' certificate movies, they take them along. 

Either parents should not take their kids along with them, or if the kids are with them, they should watch such movies along with them. Nowadays, it has become very difficult to get 'pure' movies as well as news papers too.

Movies you can somehow avoid. I was thinking which Engish News Paper to subscribe.. Almost all of tthem having 'A' content, especially TOI and DNA. The surveys they publish in the headlines are also ridiculous.



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Which one?

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Let us know which movie it was? Name of the movie? comment guidelines

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