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Should YI(Yelli Idheera) be revived?

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I think I was in Bangalore in 2006/07 that time I came across this wonderful service by name “YI” to get the location of Volvo busses. Now, when I am back in Bangaluru, I come to know that the service has been stopped. I used to use the YI regularly and was finding it quit a handy tool. A friend of mine suggested to put on Praja to see what other people think about reviving ‘YI’.




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Yes needed

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Yi was a great tool and very much needed. Hoping it on some bus day which lost glory.
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YI or not to YI?

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 I came across this wonderful service by name “YI” to get the location of Volvo busses.

Blistering barnacles, Murali posting in pseudonyms these days??? Or was this actually used by people? :) On the other hand I am hearing from inside sources companies are quoting an arm & a leg to BMTC for this LED PIS service. Maybe YI is cheaper option, dont know.

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the story is here

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@ gattu - the story of what happened to YI, can be accessed here.

@ IDS - a lawyer's notice (defamation case) is headed your way :))).

PS: Chanced upon this post accidentally - had not seen it so far.

Muralidhar Rao
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Tracking BMTC buses online by RCN Tech

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A similar SMS based service is announced. Not sure whether it is actually started or not. It currently seem to have limited scope - only for the users of "common bus service" where you will need to reserve a seat for a month.


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