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New Karnataka govt notification for continuing to avail gas connection

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 On 27th January, through our neighbours we found out gas dealers are asking for filing of photo-id and electricity bill. Unfortunately I dont have my electricity bill with me now and the next electricity bill would reach us around the 10th or 12th of the month. As per the govt notification, the last date for filing is 10th Feb, 2010.

We had booked for a gas refill last week and today when followed up our Bharat Gas dealer at BTM Layout, he said that no gas connection would be processed without filing the documents. Is it practical for the govt to put such a stiff deadline and really hope that all would comply by that deadline? Cant the govt clarify what would happen if we were to file the documents after the deadline? 

I visited the local office of Bescom at Hulimavu today to enquire about getting a duplicate copy of electricity bill and they advised me to go to JP-Nagar 6th block. Is there any way I can get a duplicate copy of my electricity bill? What is the procedure to get a duplicate copy? Do I need to pay for that? I would appreciate any help to help solve my problem.


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An older bill may suffice

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If you have an older electricity bill (within the last six months), I think it can be used in the interim as long as it is for the same /current address. Later, when you receive the latest bill, you could give them copy/s again.

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Appreciate the good work

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Lets put some effort & help the government sort out the curruption & gas mafia.

Hope some day the oil mafia would also be handled similarly.

About the above lets file an RTI  after 9th or may be the government will process all the documents and publish the details of accounted & unaccounted gas connections.

Lets make namma bengaluru weed free.



Quick help from Bescom

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 I got help from the most unexpected quarters. I logged into the Bescom section of the Govt of Karnataka website and from there I posted my feedback asking them help with getting a duplicate copy of the electricity bill.

I sent the email on Saturday at around 6pm. At 7:30pm, I got a call from a gentleman at Bescom, who advised me where i should go and get the bill. Today morning, I reached the office as advised and got the bill from thier "Sowjayna section". 

Alls well that ends well and I quickly finished filing all the documents with my Bharat Gas dealer. I am an outsider and quite amazed at the speed with which i could seek and get help without speaking to anybody, least from all, from a govt department on a saturday evening. I am thankful to Bescom for thier quick help. comment guidelines

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