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Drinking Water Testing - involve NIE, SJCE

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Come summer, there are waterborne diseases lurking in corner to strike the population, more so  our brethern in our  slums and in localities, not so well developed. In Mysore, the Vanivilas water works is held accountable for distribution of clean, potable water to the citizens.

Now JUSCO is supposed to help out in this regard. 

There have been fights  in the past between VVWW and NGOs with respect to quality of water supplied. Couple of years back both the Waterworks and the NGO had  different views on the quality of water supplied but nothing  much was done in this regard.

Since this is too important a matter for subjective discusions, why should the expertise of two of the best colleges in city - NIE and SJCE for periodically evaluating the water quality  be not used before it is supplied? In as much as it would be an independant evaluation, they can also  assist the VVWW  in preparation of State of Art  Quality Procedure  for testing water samples.

Once a week, like the temperature and pollution data , the report by NIE / SJCE / VVWW should be published in the local TV News and Print media.

We have to create a 'virtuous Cycle' and not ''Vicious cycle' for  betterment of life, one especially connected with drinking water.

The District Administration and MCC could really take a lead here.

Why not put  such a System in place?


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What About Rainwater Harvesting in Mysore?

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While all efforts to get drinking water from the authorities in Mysore is laudable, why dont Mysoreans consider rainwater harvesting? Now that it has become compulsary for all buildings, how about some bold initiatives to solve the drinking water problem once and for all?

Just my two penny worth



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Good PPP idea- but will it reduce E-coli content?

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People are getting immuned to drinking dirty water supplied by VVWW. Some of my questions to JUSCO chief at one of the meetings at our NGO Mysore Grahaka Parishat never got convincing answers. To some of my pointed questions, he said, 'this may not be the proper platform for me to discuss such things....".

Why some people are for JUSCO and some are against JUSCO contract can only be analysed and understood when some tangible variables can be seen and 24X7 supply, even at a pilot project is implemented and delivered to the people.  Question of clean potable water will arise later. 

Health care and pre-emptive/preventive care/actions to arrest water borne or any disease for that matter,  are distant dreams in Mysore City.  Even creating awareness in the society about precautionery measures always come a wee bit late. 

- People must take care of themselves and NIE/SJCE investigative reports may help people in this direction, if properly propogated.

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath, Heritage City of Mysore   

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potable water

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ERR sir,

thats a wonderful idea. i am sure many in departments in UoM are more than capable of doing this also.

do you know what the exactly the metrics were? i can imagine that they are measuring for some chemical & microbiological contaminants. any others? what exactly do they look out for? comment guidelines

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