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Kannur-Bangalore super metro rail

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Metro Rail

Constructing about 200 overhead railway line from Kannapuram straightly to  Banglore would be an ever profitable expansion of Railway traffic and a great boon.

by constructing a flyover from Kannapuram (Kannur) to Banglore (Karnataka ) would make the proposal for Thalaserry -Mysore railway line economically more feasible and makes speedier profitable returns to the Indian Railway by reducing about 300 soluth-north and by 500 east west which would be useful for half the population of India!

Super rail flyover from Kannapuram to Bangalore is an ever relishing memorium of Indian railway and an ever relishing gift to the people of india.

Specific features:-

  • length : straightly about 200
  • area covering : 25000
  • fiscal benefits : comparitively low cost
  • reasons for low cost : mostly via hence small acqusition and rehabilitation. overhead projects are less expensive in construction and maintenance
  • public benefits : shortens traffic distance by about 300 kms north - south and by 500 kms east - west lessens road traffic blocks to a great extent by the increased trafic via rails.
  • benefits to railway : the first project in the history of Indian Railways
  • that brings in the preliminary capital returned within a very short span

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kannapuram -Nanchangudu Rlwy. FLYOVER

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this is not a simple proposal but worth to be seriously considered loosing no time

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south - west and southern Railway please wake up to study and find its practical feasibility.

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not local but the whole concern

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it is not just for  expanding any local development

but would usher up a new era in the history of Indian Railways.

touching a wholesome result .

the enlightened attention of the Indialn public  is

invited and requested cordially.

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decongest the road trafic

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by shortening the rail distance the trafic jamm in roads is  more easily released than expanding or improving the roadsa especially through thickly populated ares

if the proposal ro construct a railway fly over for 100 from Kannapuram (Kerala) toNanchangudu(Karnataka) is done ;would shortens distance by 300 north- south and 500 east - west

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nearest to the proposed kannur Airport

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if the proposed fly over is built up

the road approach to the proposed kannur Airport

is shortened  from  the nearest proposed kuiloor Railway station

just within 8  ,

the approach road to the Air port proposed by the state gov. at present ;is about 35 from kannur

if the distance shortened such a way it will be a a   landmark in the

 history of indian Air and Railways. 


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ok, enough

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Please don't just post flood of comments to make your post visible. Clearer comments would help - like the last one above, what is this airport, and what distance is cut to 8 kms. Unless you explain your point clearly, you risk being the only person commenting and reading your post. varghese's picture

The proposed kannur metro

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if the proposed kannur metro is modified and extended to Hosore via kannapuram,Taliparamba,Pazhassi,Kuiloor,Edur,Nanjangud by constructing a railway fly over just 200 length would shorten distance from kannur- bangalore to 260 only


this line is most economical for it goes through mostly govt property hence no disputes and completion delay;on acqisition and rehabilitation problems.

it goes through the underdeveloped area of 3 southern states viz., kerala, karnataka and T.N.,hence development tremendously comes to this area with a boom.

the proposed kannur Air-port will be within 8 kms of the nearest Railway station in this line which is an event in the history of Airports in India

it brings in 50000 sq. kms newly to the Railway map and 100 million people will be benefited directly and; indirectly the whole population through decrease in distance, fare and time of journey northwise and eastwise

it is the really profitable project if pmplemented at war- time importance, with the help of Indian army

by returning the preliminary capital within 5 years at the most, since its completion and profit would be accruing through further increase of passenges and goods move.

it is good to think about starting material official survey to verify and start implementation of the above facts. ------proposed by kerala parisara saamskaarika samithy submited on behalf of it ,by the president Dr.Baby Varghese(Sd)

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proposal shortens distance to Bengaluru and Chennai from kannur

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if the kannur metro via Taliparamba chamarajanagar to Dharmapuri  is exiended at a length of 200 kms it will shorten distance to Bangaluru to 347 kms and to Chennai to 600 kms .


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plain mis-use

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@ Dr Baby Verghese - Using this platform to pursue some pet cause of yours, and that too not Bangalore centric, in my view, constitutes a mis-use. I have already voted to unpublish your comments. Now that the misuse has gone beyond limits, I expect other moderators will join in too, and don't be surprised if the blog recedes to the background, even with all the votes you have manipulated in favour.

Muralidhar Rao
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Elevated heavy rail presents very high costs..even Konkan rail is not elevated..

Karnataka had many railways ministers at the centre and also a PM..but no one could help improving the railway network drastically here...Karnataka scores really low in the national average for railway network coverage..

Hence please dont live the pipe dream! varghese's picture

extension of kannur metro to Hosur/Dharmapuri Via Chamarajanagar

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the proposal of extention of the proposed kannur metro will shorten railway journey to chennai to 600 from kannur via dharmapuri  and to bangalore via hosur to 247

hence voice may be raised to usher up official survey in the matter and to prepare feasibility report with the co-operation of parisara saamskaarika samithi ,670142 kerala

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over head Rail is not a dream

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if proper determination to hold up people's interest in particular and the nation's in general, there is no question of its preliminary expenditure and scope for confusions

 yet the expenditure could be reduced to a  great extent as the proposed route is through governmet property and at the cost of    least acquisition and rehabilitation extravaganza

the only hurdle is lack of interest  and dedication to the cause , up on national interests from the part of the cocerned

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