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Cauvery Petrol Bunk Demolished

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Lalbagh west gate is also famous for this landmark..the cauvery petrol bunk..

This place has been known for good quality fuel since many years..people dont mind queuing up here cos of the service..

This is now one of the victims of Metro project..the whole place is dismantled now!


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Pray tell us what purpose is served by this blog?

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Such demolishions in the name of Metro / Road Widening etc., are going on in the name of develpment.

My good friend - a well decorated Major in the army and his ever mercurial philonthropic wife had set up a ready made dresses shop about 8 years ago by investing their hard earned money in Rajajinagar and it was a land mark for many people.

Today he and his wife are heartbroken because their lovely showroom set up at considerable cost has been marked red for Metro.  A petrol bunk's demolition though it may be of interest to a few, certain investments made by certain individuals rank higher; but any number of publishing photos will not bring back certain emotions and sentiments attached to such business places, in THE NAME OF DEVELOPMENT.

The question that remains for ever in the life of the Major / his wife and family is, why Metro being implemented for the sake of transport and development of some tom dick and harry should bury their life's ambitions and aspirations. Some money is being given but how long will it last in these costly days?

Call this development?    To hell Metro.

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

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Tragedy of commons

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Delays in implementing ambitious infrastructure development plans threaten to slice $200bn off India’s potential national output a year and cost the economy as many as 35m jobs over the next eight years.

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update on bunk..

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The post was purely nostalgic.. 

Thats more evident when we talk to the ex-service man who runs the bunk..the old man is very much for the metro..

Also the bunk itself will be rebuilt..with fewer pumps that is..

However all the girls and boys working there will be out of work for few years maybe! comment guidelines

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