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Silent ritual

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True, BIA is a very hot topic of the day and we want to endlessly discuss that. But amidst all this there is another silent ritual underway. This is about the trees of Bangalore. [pic: On OMR road next to I.Nagar BDA cplx]

Request you to look around to see the celebrations..its a beautiful treat. It started off with the mellow pinks blooms and now the purples are filling up.

Ugadi, our new year starts when the trees are in full bloom. It is probably this link between people and nature that was identified by our ancestors and it was decided that we have our new year start with natures best time.

I will try to put more pictures here, thanks to the high res cameras on phones now. Request you all to enjoy nature’s generous display and share it too.


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4 seasons

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awesome title. very evocative. straight out of a navya best seller. :) with something or the other blooming in bangalore all 4 seasons this should be colourful thread. prolly need to hit the help files and rope in 3 to see how do this efficiently. meanwhile keep at it. about our ugadi, our kaTTe's around banni mara, our kalyani's in keres and the rest some other day. you dont realize they are truely divine beyond all those rituals until they disappear because you have no reverence for them. comment guidelines

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