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Online grievance systems - they do reply

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Here is an example from ramesh_mbabu for us. Ramesh wrote on the central government's online grievance system (DPAR's PG Portal), and he did hear from them (see below).

Many government bodies now have online mechanisms to take in complaints, and from experiences we hear, many of these work. Work as in - you get a response back, though a good # of responses could be generic (thanks for the note, we will do something - type of thing). But even for the grievance redressing systems that work, we have heard that very few citizens actually use them. Why? Perhaps lack of awareness.

It could be that they planned the work after Ramesh sent in the complaint, or it could be that the work was already planned, and the complaint just made NHAI reveal the details. But the point is, someone did respond.

BTW, remember that if you file a complaint, and you don't hear back, you can always ask for the status of the complaint via an RTI query.

Here is the link to PG Portal again - Central government's Online Public Grievance System. I think we need a page here on Praja with links to all such online complaints system that are known to work.

And here is the response Ramesh got on K R Puram traffic mess (original comment here): comment guidelines

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