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Public Awareness on Lead Safe Bangalore

Public Health
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Dear Sir,


Sakrama scheme

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

SAKRAMA SCHEME WILL COME IN NEXT 10 DAYS OR 4 YRS.  Ten days since govt needs money. Four yrs since their will be objections (Carlton Fire Bangalore / Park Street fire Kolkata). But you cant just wish it away. Unauthorised Bldgs are there for ages. Penalising BBMP is not a possibility. More practical sol would be to read  Bldg Bye laws , chapter on Fire Safety. Let the users of the bldg be aware of the issue.  Any better suggestions .. Courts maybe...

jaago re

Everything else

During run up to BBMP elections we saw some down to earth pictures of  condition of our pot holed roads in some parts of Bangalore. We have seen excellent roads (plastic green Roads ) in Bangalore which bt virtue of  Tech involvement does not allow potholes  see All major roads - Cubbon road -Trinity circle area, Tv Tower rd...Ring Road. It is called Modified Bitumen ( Poly mer added correct percentage to Bitumen at right temp). Why then aren't smaller rds in Bangalore given the same treatment ? Now that you will get new corporators pl ask them about pot holed roads in your area. Technology has been passed by Cen Rd Research Inst , Min Env Forests.. Bangalore has 1000 km ,TN about 1500km... such rds.

Contractors hold the key. Annual work order has to survive on pot holes appearing at regular intervals. Think you can tackle this. Get more gen from Print media on Plastic Roads in Bangalore.

bogus voter list

We received voters slip (chits) from several parties before BBMP elections. Voting slip is the small chit with your particulars & may be candidates pic. Some of the chits apply to you fully. Others from the same flat do not make any sense though the entry Bldg or colony  is at the bottom and flat / dwelling no to the right lower end.

What you have is called a bogus voters case. If you have any such Voters chits that you don’t use (doesn’t match your profile) just give details.  Praja could handle the Master Voters list which records   apartment bldgs / colonies  as a location in specific  ward. You all have got your names corrected earlier yet new names have appeared against your dwelling.


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