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Getting rid of the problem of trains running late

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One of the main concerns of the railways today is caused by some trains running horribly late, sometimes on a regular basis. But given the huge technological advance of modern times this problem should be resolved as soon as possible. I think one of the ways to resolve the issue is by making more and more express or mail trains into super fast trains. For example Lal Quila Expresss or Janata Express are found to run horribly late almost every day. But problems such as this should be solved in the interest of the commuters across the country. But in spite of this problem we must say that we are really really proud of Indian Railway in view of the great service it renders for the people of this country. Without this service transport system will get completely crippled. We salute Indian Railway.


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Welcome Bibek

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Welcome to PRAJA, Bibek. Good to see somebody from far off Kolkata blogging here. Though we discuss issues pertaining largely to Bangalore and Karnataka here, many of the them are common to most cities and states, and consequently, the learnings whatever can apply there as well.

Coming to the topic proper, perhaps the discussions here, though quite dated, will throw some light on the problems involved. May be you can form a group there too to pursue solutions with the local railway authorities.

Muralidhar Rao
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Coming back to the Southern zone, between Chennai & Bangalore several fast and super fast trains are being added of late. But their departure and arrival timings at both ends are at odd and  most inconvenient unearthly hours like 3-30am, 4-00am, 11-45pm etc. No  feeder bus services are available at such hours  leaving the passengers at the mercy of auto drivers who fleece the hapless commuters charging double/ triple or whatever, not to speak of the security risks of lonely lady/senior passengers.

To meet the need of such commuters, the Railways should introduce SLOWER  'Fast Passehger' trains, starting around 8-30 / 9-00 pm and arriving around 6-30 / 7-00 am

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