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Manual ped signals

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

I appriciate this facility by BTP/B-TRAC. This switch enables pedistrians to intervene automatic signal so that a green signal is forced for road crossing. As this seems relatively new, no one seems using it. Probably some volunteering work needed to educate users. We need more such signals at highways.

eCity-Phase 2 new Footpath : Visual Report

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

Few days back new footpath work completed in eCity Phase-2. From XIME to TataBP Solar strech. Here is the photo report. I have no comments posted on this intentionally. Last few pics show how a footpath space is used for "beautification" by a private company. So no footpath laid there :(


Meenakshi Mall


Have posted this suggestion to BTP via their website



Customer Service at Indian Oil petrol bunks

Recently I had interaction with Indian Oil help desk due to my observation at filling station under IOC logo. Here is what happened and outcome. Should not consider this post against that specific filling station, most of the observations are common and not only experience by me, but most of us.

Location : Singasandra, Hosur Road 

Observations :

My experiments with lane driving


After we saw good inputs on this post , I was really interested how would it really look like if some one practised lane driving. So I have given a try in my own way in Hosur Road, which has now clearly marked 3 lanes from Silk Board to Electronic City.

Should there be two wheeler lanes near signals?

TrafficTraffic jams

I have been driving 2 wheelers for long. And now upgraded to 4 wheeler due to safety concerns. But recently I thought at least there should be 2 wheeler lanes near. I have attached my idea as picture. Yellow line means non-crossing line. This help 2 wheelers to come at front and stand in que. This idea has come to in spite of having knowledge of local driver mentality.

Madiwala Ayyappa Temple underpass opened

 I am happy to see the Madiwala Ayyappa Temple underpass is opened for public from today 02-Aug-2010. I had indicated the start date in my Prajabytes here it was on 24-May-2010. Excellent, its almost complete in period of 9 weeks. I have not seen the completed work.

Prajas Worldwide

Praja related


Hi Prajas,

Just today while updating something in Google Maps it flashed to me why not Prajas can share their location in Google Maps. This may help different people in different ways. Also its a show to others, how wide Praja is in terms of geograhical spread. All it will show how how Praja is integrated beyond geography.

Fate of RTI activists


Its not long ago we heard about murder of RTI activist in Maharashtra, now its turn of Gujarat.

About Public Complaint Management Systems


I just happened to create a single link for  online complaint systems for Bangalore utilities. Just to make it at one place for me to start with. Even though it is not user friendly, it brings all complaint forms together. 

Request prajas to use if found suitable. I may put some more effort if someone wants improvements.With my trial complaints with BBMP I learned following: (I have indicated this in earlier posts somewhere, but I repeat)

BBMP's Good work


This is regarding one of the complaint I tried with BBMP. The idea was to both address my problem and to observe for the complaint management.

Here is the timeline : 

19-Apr-2010 Monday @14:20:02: Filed Complaint via Spandana , BBMP's complaint portal.

19-Apr-2010 @14.20.20 Received Complaint Number and Acknowledgement via SMS

19-Apr-2010 @16.34 I enquired status via SMS

19-Apr-2010 @16.34 Received status via SMS stating complaint has been forwarded to local staff and the ticket was assigned to specific department (Health) and it said "Informed to S.H.I phine number ending with 83956"

20-Apr-2010 @ 10.14  received a call from actual contract worker (Number ending with 87356) for part-1 of complaint. He could not not locate address.

20-Apr-2010 @ 11.00 contract worker arrives

20-Apr-2010 @12.15 part 1 complete. As I was away, he got "completed" signature from neighboring lady and informed me.

How about BOT Traffic Signals and Signs?


 After seeing elevated hosur tollway, I started thinking why not BTP can try BOT with traffic signs,signals, road signs.  

Silly? Not really? Why?

The idea/concept is to convert rule-breaking nature of people into revenue for short period, or till people become alright. Imagine every rule-break ,except non-humans :) , specially where is there is a clear signage/signal is fined/collected without fail. Example : in my short travel of 30 mins,today I noted at least 20 rule breaks where there was a signal/signage. Let us say minimum of 20*Rs. 100= Rs.2000 is fined and collected. 

I noted following where was clear traffic sign/signage:


1) Passing Red light : 5

2) Left turn where not allowed : 3

3) Leftmost lane vehicle right turning right. Lane is marked clearly with a " -> " sign. : 2

4) Crossing stop lines : 10

5) I did not observe for other rule-break.


BMTC Issues - From RCA perspective - 3

BusPublic Transport

Few of the points mentioned in the survey  (in second set) is about bus stands/stops. 

1) Dirty and sad bus stands, do not like waiting there

2) Very hard to walk to and from the Bus Stands

We shall through some light on these items from RCA perspective.

Effect : Do not like waiting there. 


1) No adequate shelter(sad bus stands)

      - Damaged roofing

      - No roofing

 2) Poor furniture

   - Demolishing in progress

   - Repair

   - Damaged or vandalized

   - Unclean and not usable

   - Sharp edges or broken edges

   - Very old

   - No disabled friendly furnitures/path


3) Not Clean due to

     - Spitting (Pan and simple)

BTMC Issues - From RCA Perspective-2

BusPublic Transport

 This is in continuation of my last post.  This time I thought to take delayed disturbed scheduling. As you all aware, RCA is simple technique to find out root causes and thus first step to eliminate bad causes. Some of the caused may be repetitive from last post. But if repeated it should be considered as a major cause and should be given priority.


Effect  -

Buses not operating in time thus causing inconvinience to public and to BMTC scheduling system itself

Causes  due to - 

1. Traffic Jam at Signal due to

         -> Long Signals

         -> Heavy Vehicle Rush

         -> No traffic Management in junctions

         -> No signal

2. Traffic Jam at Roads due to

Local residential registration, specially for rental tenants

I think the local registration and yearly renewal should be started and made mandatory in Indian towns, cities. Currently its very difficult to track/confirm proof of residence. I believe this will help in several ways if planned and implemented/enforced well. It may be one difficult/massive project, its beyond my imagination. But I feel strongly believe it will be best complementary project for UID. Both put together will make it.

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