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Customer Service at Indian Oil petrol bunks

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Recently I had interaction with Indian Oil help desk due to my observation at filling station under IOC logo. Here is what happened and outcome. Should not consider this post against that specific filling station, most of the observations are common and not only experience by me, but most of us.

Location : Singasandra, Hosur Road 

Observations :

a) Que system is not organized well. There were no marking and separators to form correct que. So no FIFO followed though they claimed so.

b) Out of 2 pumps, only one is working. There was no indication or signboard with "Out of order".

c) 3-4 filling attendant s staying in same pump and creating confusion.

d) At some instances, after filling petrol, they informed credit card reader not working. No indication that "Credit card reader out of order"

e) While its duty of both customer and filler to ensure "0" reading, I would expect it filler attendant's duty to ensure 0. But when I they just say "0" to themselves, do not confirm with customer, and then start within seconds to fill. So when I took few seconds to adjust to LCD display and saw it was more than 100 rupees filled. When I expressed, answer was rude and said its my duty, they do not care. Both my ego and their rudeness affected me as demanding customer.

f) When I asked for receipt, half filled receipt provided to me(Just qty and amount. No date , no rate). Next time I asked, I want "complete" receipt. They felt it("complete") was a foreign word.

g) Good note: An IOC hoarding right at spot showed IOC help number.

So I took step to call IOC help desk.

a) I came to know, it was integrated help desk for all OIL companies.

b) Help desk guy registered my complaint. 

c) Good note: Area sales officer called me next day

d) I demanded two things: Provide instructions to filling stations to organize que, not just filling. Give receipts to customers mandatory. Response: He would ensure que system organized (Till date no improvement). He said, as most of customers throw receipts to trash, they dont care if stations provide receipts or not. I was not convinced. However I gave up.

Net effect and lessons learned: Now when I enter station, filling attendants take a note of it. They ensure, no one breaches que in front of me. They loudly shout 0 -with impatience- but confirm that I see it correctly before start filling. I have explained what is a "complete", they give it now.  Crying baby gets milk, all the best !!!


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HP Petrol Bunk

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Similar incident happened with in HP petrol bunk.

Petrol Bunk: Jayanagar, 8th Block, Marenahalli Petrol BUnk.


Filled my RX 100  for Rs.100, turn on to Main, moved on to Jayadeva flyover  and there was jerk indicating the petrol has reached reserve point. By the time I realised bike stopped. Turned on reserve and then filled petrol at Udupi garden.It was my mistake that I didnt take receipt for Rs.100. Then sent an email to HP company and immediately I got reply from them asking me to contact Area Sales Manager. Contact the Area Sales Manager and informed him the same.  After that incident , I sold my RX and now with Pulsar so whenever I go to any filling station I turn on the ignition to check the fuel meter.


Incase if any one has come across similar issue you can contact them:

Area Sales Manager Sh. B K Saha ( cell no. 94482-81168) : Biman Saha <>. I believe he is responsible for Jayanagar Area.


to "" <>



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