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Madiwala Ayyappa Temple underpass opened

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 I am happy to see the Madiwala Ayyappa Temple underpass is opened for public from today 02-Aug-2010. I had indicated the start date in my Prajabytes here it was on 24-May-2010. Excellent, its almost complete in period of 9 weeks. I have not seen the completed work. But if I get a chance I will get pictures and post here.


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9 weeks only, seems quick

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Good call Bheema. Yet another magic box project? Pictures anyone? 9 weeks only, seems like this was done on time.

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Constructed using Soil Nailing technology

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 Apparently, this underpass uses something called soil nailing.  I saw this in the Hindu here. The Hindu article calls this a state of the art technology.  However, the Wikipedia article on soil nailing (here) dates it to 1972.  The Japanese std on soil nailing was published in 1987 and the FHA (US) published stds in 1996 and 2003.  Does not sound like that much of a state of the art as advertized.

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its state if art for us..nevertheless

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 Clover leaf jn is an 'in' thing for us...though its an 'out' thing elsewhere..

So considering 20-30 years old tech being used..its still latest for us!


Anyways, hope the tech gives some meaning to the MUP projects and dont make them a makeshift solution..

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Was on this yesterday

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I was on (in?) this underpass yesterday.  It is only nominally complete.  Lot of finishing work to happen and the approach roads to the underpass are a mess.  Some of the "nails" appear to be sticking out from the concrete and needs to be trimmed/finished.

It also looks like the approach roads are going to be concretized.  I saw that the road from Madiwala check post to underpass is being made of Concrete.  The alignment of the underpass also somehow felt wrong (w.r.t road), but that whole area is a mess right now and I could be wrong.

The other interesting  thing from a quick reading of the  FHA document on soil nailing  is that it stressed on the experience of the contractor with the technology being important- to get it right.

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 it stressed on the experience of the contractor with the technology being important- to get it right.

That should nail it against the magic box company. 

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Madivala Underpass

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There are some pictures in this forum:

The width of the underpass looks like it is 4-lane. So thankfully, it is not a magic box.

Anyway, congratulations to BBMP and the contractor (who??) to finish it this fast. For BBMP, after its numerous failures (Puttenahalli, Kadirenahalli, Tagore circle) to finish on time, this should be a shot in the arm. Hopefully, they can recreate this at other places (would love them to start from BTM - Udupi Gardens signal).




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Good job

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 Congratulations to BBMP and the contractor (who??) to finish it this fast. 

I will clap for them. Good work is indeed appreciated.

Another good thing I noticed is how they are dumping the mud from the digging on Sanjaynagar main road onto a standing truck instead of on the sides of the road. 

Why oh why was this rocket science for so long? So have they suddenly matured in practices or its just a flash in the pan? Time will tell.

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pic on net..

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Being from the green brigade cant help but notice that last of the ficus trees which lined Hosur road has been cut..there was  a massacre when L&T built the new Hosur road..the tall majestic trees were uprooted to make way for the expressway..guess one or two are still left standing with limbs cut near Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital.. 

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This is constructed in a time

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This is constructed in a time period of two and half months. The 7.5m Precast element has been designed In-house by BBMP Engineers. Congrats to all engineers and contractors. I got few photos of site after inauguration. This is really great compared to Kadirenahalli, Puttenhalli ( which are under going since last three years) comment guidelines

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