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Hi Prajas,

Just today while updating something in Google Maps it flashed to me why not Prajas can share their location in Google Maps. This may help different people in different ways. Also its a show to others, how wide Praja is in terms of geograhical spread. All it will show how how Praja is integrated beyond geography.

In this regard, I have created a public map. Interested Prajas can indicate their locations. It should not create privacy issues, as locations are not marked with member's identification. All you have to do is open this map , navigate your location , click edit button in left side, . Then you will see a marker tool. Create marker, and enter your praja id as title and any other you wanted to share(the description box allows html too, so add a link to your praja blog there). Select it and click on "Ok". You are done. Why wait, go ahead now !

Sorry note: It requires a Google account :( So your privacy may be compromised, so take a note before proceeding !



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Coming soon on Praja itself!

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it is indeed a good idea and I am happy to pre-announce that very soon this feature is coming on praja itself. We have a few interns working on this and we are expecting to go live in next few days.

We are currently testing a feature on a test site where each post and each user can optionally be identified on a map. We will then have two maps, one showing the location of all the posts and one showing the location of users.

Tagging each post with a location will help users to search for posts that are near to their area of interest. We might also be able to provide some advanced features in future.

However, as you rightly mentioned, locating users might have privacy issues. Obviously we will make it optional for users to reveal their location but even for users who wish to reveal their location, it might be best to only broadly indicate their location rather than going to street/house level.

Please feel free to add any ideas you might have on this on to this thread. 



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 Finally I was able to get

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 Finally I was able to get this page after doing some research. This is a nice place to see location of Prajas. I thank Prajas again. Nice work..

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