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Safety at Elevated Hosur Road (BETL)

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Believe it or not, Hosur Road Flyover witnessed multiple vehicle accidents at least 2 times involving 4 or more vehicles. Few accidents even caused damage to median, any one can see it clearly. 2 Fatal accidents have also occured. Pity ! - A local "breaking news" channel did not get these news, while they get news within minutes from any part of city. I suspect their mouth was shut by "Kaibisi"(Some offer) . When I drove I felt like driving in tunnel, not comfortable. I saw average speed of 90+Km when I drew. Ironically during a test of VMS(variable message system) it read "All is well. Drive slowly" !!!

Now I am scared to drive even below flyover in regular road, as I heard of an accident where a biker flew above side-guards and fell below onto road( and died of course). I always drive exactly below the flyover(rightmost lane) to be safe from falling objects, call me whatever..

To BETL : All the best for your toll collection which is going to start  "soon" (Soon - Answer I got when I asked some people at toll. No dates, no certainity) . Make sure your customers reach other end for sure.


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Travell Time by bus not much difference

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It seems, the feedback what I got from my friends is Travell time taken after opening of  Elevated Hosur Road is not reduced. As they travell by Company buses ( Infosys, HP ).  these buses do not use the Flyover.   Even if they use, then travell time will increase by 5-8 Minites as they have to tarvell extra 1.5Kms to reach bus yard.

Also the speed restriction for Buses is 40 Kms & no       over-taking  on the fly-over  by buses.  

I want to know from folks who are travelling daily to Electronic city on Elevated  Hosur Raod,  travell time has been reduced or not (  now when Toll is not collected ). Once toll collection starts, then what will be the travell tim???

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It’s a bumpy ride on toll road Electronic City

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Chaos continued on the Hosur Road Elevated Tollway even on the second day of toll collection as the route back from Electronic City witnessed bumper to bumper traffic on Thursday evening.

The response to the monthly is so poor,  its any one guess now how many vechile will use  Elevated Raod.


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Start late, reach early????

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This is the sentence seen in homepage of BETL website. I am sure, most of us will not support this going by first principles of life. 

BETL front page

Anyway, today I have posted few suggestions in their feedback  system, hope someone looks into it.

1) "Toll Road" display is hidden at Bommanahalli entrance. So outsiders/new comers will be mislead.

2) Display "Exit is 9.5 Km from here", again keeping newcomers in mind

3) Display toll charges right at entrance, so people will check pockets before entering tollway. :)




" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Start late, reach early ?

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This sort of publicity by BETL is appaling.

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Response from BETL

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 I must mention that response was real quick, say within an hour. General Manager of BETL(Brigadier M.R. Deshpande???, I forgot to ask name) contacted me via my mobile. Here is the summary of call with him number *****11773.

1) "Toll Road" display is hidden at Bommanahalli entrance. So outsiders/new comers will be mislead.

-- He brought to my notice that there was on overhead board indicating the same, which is correct, today I confirmed. 

2) Display "Exit is 9.5 Km from here", again keeping newcomers in mind

-- As per him any tollway will be of minimum of 9.5KM so people should common sense , than depending on boards. So BETL will not act on this feedback. Also just for few newcomers BETL can not provide any such boards, as its not practical.


3) Display toll charges right at entrance, so people will check pockets before entering tollway. :)

-- As per NHAI standards toll rates to be displayed  at toll plazas, not any where else. As per that gentleman, it can not be read by people easily, unless they stop midway to read rates. So BETL is not going to act on this feedback. 

It was nice to talk him with all due respect for each other.

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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BETL safety - 2014 and things are just the same!!

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Guess the spin doctors are having the most fun on this planet creating psychotic idiots.

 I see BMTC buses on the right lane hogging the lane at 60kmph, of course there are others driving even slower on the right lane (including well heeled phoren return types - who said its only the lower classes that...)

This makes the others overtake from the left putting the 2-wheeler riders' safety at risk.

We cant even drive on straight road safely??!!

No response to the feedback I sent to BETL. (I guess that was another era).

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Everyday affair - keep moving! and number plate removed!!

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Railway Station at Chandapura

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There is no use of introducing trains to Hosur if we don't have railway stations at the right place.

Techies have been asking for a railway station at Chandapura so that they can easily take a train to Electronics City. This will reduce traffic greatly.

God knows when basic work like railway stations shall begin so that CRS becomes a reality.


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Toll collection and safety obligation

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Onc By TL starts deducting toll revenue for safety and maintenance laxity the tolling agency will start deploying traffic marshals for lane discipline and diversion.Its BETL which has to enforce the Contract through its Independent Engineer (Consulting Firm)



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Actionable? BETL Safety Laxity

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So is there someone accountable?

I am sure most of the accidents are not reported to the police.

The photo above shows some non-police people attempting to 'take care' of the situation.

What steps should I take to file a formal complaint?

Which police department should be reported to which authority for dereliction of duty?

I see only a certain police inspector with a speed gun making money - may be he thinks this will satisfy the 'traffic control' requirement.

Can you please give me the process / procedure to follow?

Any Prajagalu to add to this?


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Police response to complaints is really pathetic in outskirts of Bangalore, where does not come within "range" of Bangalore City Police. I have been listening from Police Staff that "Staffeee illaa saaar."(Sir, we dont have enough staff to attend complaints. Its hard to believe will arrive in the scene. So naturally some one has to/will "take control" of the situation ! I have had bad experience of my complain to 100(Police) was plainly rejected as the area came under Ramanagar Police, yes you heard it right: Ramanagar Police is handling certain outer areas of Bangalore and understaffed !!!

You asking for procedures? Try to call 103 (Traffic Control Room) you will "taste" it :)


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Light rail?

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BETL could use two lanes for light rail which will make the road more accessible to public and improve safety also protect their investment comment guidelines

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