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Private buses using BMTC stops for waiting

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 While I appreciate government's(NHAI)  efforts to complete the hosur road bus stops, I observed they are not used by BMTC to full extent. I have earlier posted a blog regarding possible root causes. But now for me a prominent cause seems the private buses using the bus stop for abnormalyy long waiting to meet their "schedule" and expected load. BMTC driver have no choice but to deviate. Example stops : Bommanahalli Southbound , Hosa RoadSouthbound , Singasandra Northbound.


Are there any one to look into their "business"?



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Bus stops clogging - File a complaint

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I think you should file a complaint with traffic police about this. You could use the link below :

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I have used it once, I didn't get any response

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Not sure, they actively track it and resolve it.

Or may be read it but don't acknolowdge the reciept.

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Yes, no tracking options in complaint

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 When I submitted. I do not get any reference number, nor any clue for follow-up. They asked for phone number and email. But after submission neither I get a call , nor SMS/ email to confirm receipt. Simply I get this message in City Trafic website. So I am not sure either.

Thank you for posting Complaint / Suggestion.

Action will be taken accordingly.

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There was a  news in the

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There was a  news in the papers a few months back when a BMTC bus of route No. 600F(Banashankari to attibelle) ran over a pvt bus conductor when the conductors of both the buses were engaged in a a scuffle at the Jayanagar 5th block signal and the bus driver moved the bus as the signal turned not knowing that the conductor had fallen under this bus.

Previouly there was no bus between Banashankari -electronic city and was dominated by the pvt operators. BMTC then started the route of 600 and variants in full fledge all of a sudden in a week. It also happens that these pvt buses start their buses just as BMTC driver boards it and tries to woo passengers waiting for the bus. Also for want of revenue they stop for long and hence end up losing behind a BMTC and earn frustration of passengers. If they plan their shedules giving a time gap behind a BMTC both can survive parallely. But that never happens.

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Private Buses - Better not inside the city

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I had very bad experience when I took one of the private buses last year just to try if I could reach faster and it turned out to be a nightmare when the bus driver halted the bus at every stop to pick/load people and it almost took an extra 45 mins to reach my destination. On top of the delay, they started pushing/dumping people like sheeps into the bus(worse than BMTC on certain routes).

Better they stop the private buses inside the city as it is not going to workout in providing a better/faster service rather taking advantage of the bus stops to park their buses for a longtime to pickup people.

Another Bus stop on the ORR is the Tinfactory busstop, you could always see 2 to 3 private buses stopped(parked with no people in it) in the bus stand area. The KRPuram traffic police who are present for there for almost 12hours turn a blind eye on this because of the reasons everyone know.



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Private Buses should fall under public transport framework

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As all of us know private bus sector is filling the gap in public transport(Not only Bangalore). They do it by running in remote routes, less overheads, cheaper rates, better buses sometimes, nice entertainment as TV , stop-at- demand service. These features must be appreciated and they survive because of these advantages.

Well, there is other face of coin. It seems(I do not know officially):-

a) They do not have in binding/relationship/operational links with public transport systems.

b) They are operating kind of mafia or say unethical networks, with which common people are forced to use their service. Example from Mangalore, where private buses just arrive few seconds earlier to government buses and occupy bus-stops, government buses pass without stopping then.

c) Rate structure seems not controlled. 

d) Their vehicle condition do not meet minimum operating standards due to malpractice with RTO ( Remember "Indian" movie?, but that is fact)

Right, above said, what next?

May be they have to be made part of public transport framework, say under outsourcing model and impose revenue sharing. Give them official route number, timings, frame special rule set /operating standards etc. Provide them premium routes based on revenue share negotiations. Or provide them specific sectors to operate(Example :  Bannerghatta sector in BMTC) Limit their expansion capability, so that they do not become threat, but provide them ample opportunity to profitably operate. Make public as stakeholders mandatory in such companies. 

What would be positive impact?

They will get official status. Competition would be formal. Win-Win situation as govt. will get revenue share. Their workers would come under better wage package under government regulation.

What would be negative impact?

They may lobby to get premium routes as mentioned earlier. Their workers demand may go higher. Their revenue model will change , may even not work-out under revenue sharing agreement. Their current infrastructure, facilities may not be enough to cope up with new requirements.

Whatever, feasibility study can be taken up, right?







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big racket

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Its kind of an open secret as to who runs these buses, and how the buses manage to use the BMTC bus stops. Each stop costs the bus driver about 20 to 50 rupees.

On Varthur Road, there are several Bangalore-Hoskote route private buses that only do Marathahali to Kadugodi loop competing with BMTC buses.

100s of big huge buses doing this illegal business is visible to everyone, Traffic Police, BMTC, or anyone with a working pair of eyes. It must be a well organized racket. comment guidelines

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