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BMTC Issues - From RCA perspective

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Getting a cue from this suvery I thought why not analyse (to some extent) from Root Cause Analysis perspective of TQM (Total Quality Management)? According to RCA we should find further causes of further levels.

So I am trying to just draft out whatever I think. Some of these may be just my imaginations or may feel too theoritical,  as we can not understand issues from driver and conductors perspective. I am of hope that this may create some leads towards solutions not any solution as such.

I am imagining survey Question as effects. However I am not analyzing any one from survey questions. But I am taking another simple effect ie, Buses not stopping in bus stops. This creates difficulties for a passenger, specially big problems for kids, pregnant ladies, senior citizens.

I am trying to categorize each cause for better quantification.

Effect  -

Buses not stopping in easy reach of  waiting passengers in bus shelter

Causes -

  • Bus  travelling too speed to stop near designated place (Driving Habits)
  • Passenger crowd occupying designated place (Passenger Attitude)
  • Autos occupying designated place(Auto Driver Control Enforcement) Sample here
  • Private Buses waiting for passengers(Private Bus Control Enforcement)
  • Construction Works going on (Departmental Co-ordination)
  • Cows/Dogs taking break :-D (Animal Control Enforcement)
  • Traffic Control Fences (Departmental Co-ordination)
  • Petty Vendors - Box shops ( Small Vendor Control)
  • Green Signal ON just next to bus stop, which tempts driver to skip(Infrastructure)
  • No passenger to get down , so drivers thinks why to stop(Driver Attitude)
  • Too much rush in bus, driver thinks much more people will board(Driver Attitude)
  • Driver in hurry as bus is running late.(Bad Adherence)
  • Late night, so ignore(Driver Attitude)
  • No lights in bus stop, so driver can not see passenger waiting(Infrastructure)
  • Passenger not indicating like showing hands(Passenger Attitude)
  • BMTC buses already occupied because of same timing (Time Schedule Management)
  • Rainwater / Drainage filled designated area(Infrastructure)
  • (Rude/Influencial) Passengers instructing not to stop(Passenger Attitude)
  • Conductor instructing driver not to stop(Conductor Attitude)
  • Last trip for the bus, hence no passengers welcome(Driver Attitude)
  • Unscheduled trip hence driver not required to stop, for example bus just heading to depot or just left bus depot, not in service yet (Information)
  • Bulk of passengers waiting in another place far from bus stop(Passenger Attitude)
  • Bus stop is new
  • Bus stop is in congested area , or part of road. (Infrastructure)
  • Bus stop is not marked or desiginated(Infrastructure)
  • Bus stop is not authorized(Infrastructure)

When I see above list, I am wondering how many such issues BMTC may be facing and how many causes will come out after RCA. I will try to analyze other effects mentioned in survey in future. 

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