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Footpath misuse

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 I found this person parking in neatly built pavement in Koramangala 4th Block.

I feel bad  when a (rich) citizen does not follow discipline. See the attachment. This is just one sample. We see lots of such parking. Why to blame government? 

Also what I noted . "No Parking" Boards do not specify the scope of no parking length. It would be so nice if every "No Parking" board has length specified. Example : <-100m | 100m->.

Comments/discussions welcome. 

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Parking enforcement

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Parking inspector should issue him a ticket. 

It would be so nice if every "No Parking" board has length specified. Example : <-100m | 100m->.

The harder part is practically measuring to the satisfaction of both the violator and the enforcer whether you have actually parked within 100 meters or not. Both dont carry measuring tapes. 

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Well, given that people park

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Well, given that people park blatantly below `No Parking' signs - or anywhere they please I dont think that putting distance etc. has any significance. There is absolutely no enforcement of ANY laws in this city. At every signal vehicles routinely run red lights and turn any side from any where they please.

All this is not surprising as there is no enforcement. This would happen anywhere in the world where there is no enforecement - its not specific to namma bengaluru.

I'm sure I can park my car in the middle of the road and everyone will `adjust' and go from the side. A couple of people would honk and the go around. But nothing will happen to me - nobody will fine me. Or even if they do - they wont collect it. Its sad and pathetic.

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