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Campaign for Public Transport

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BusPublic Transport

Summary: I was thinking how one would campaign for public transport. I think there is lot more potential and advantages people can have from public transport other than the usual environment and money crap ( Sorry , but yes thats what my normal friends might say in the end). Lets try another way, convince them in a line.


The thought of this blog came into my mind when people do micro analysis of public transport in terms of money and time. Who has time to analyse these. Also is that the only benefit we can gauge public transport. If I ever get paid for publisize public transport to car users, what am I going to say? Logically yes, I see lot of points that it reduces traffic, carbon foot print blah blah .... but how much do you really care about it every day. These things are too big to keep in mind when you have long day in office :) ( Though I am writing it after my office hours). 

Lets me take a shot and I would like you to contribute more on the same. 

1. Reduce fat use Volvo.  Walk to Bus stop, avoid Driving stress, read a book and Be happy. 

2. Forget trade mill take volvo. spend 10 mins walking to bus stop, Smile a lot, you look better when you smile.

3. Take volvo and chat with strangers. Take volvo chat to person sitting right next to you.

4. Take volvo and share. Share your hobbies with people. have your paintings distributed in volvo.

5. Take Volvo there is lot more than travel. Observe people whom you dont know see people in different moods. Its funny and ridiculous but you will appreciate the artistic mood of life. 

6. Take volvo, walk on the life-internet. see the movement at real. How people move/look, you may learn a lesson or two. 

7. Take volvo and have easy breath. Driving Stress might not kill but why take chances.

8. Dont Drive take volvo. Driving is too much of fun but I prefer nap :) .

9 Take volvo and gift green to your kids. Save green for your kids.

10 Take Volvo and donate extra rupee. You may take 10 mins extra to home but some kids get 10 extra years. 

11. Dont ride cars in the night when you sleep, take volvo and enjoy the evening with you family and sleep healthy. 

12. Didnt get time to call friends, take volvo and call them they are waiting. 

13 Thumbs down to global warming...thumbs up to Volvo.

14 Becoming rat in rat race of office and Traffic. Take volvo be human.  

15 Didnt get time to solve Sudoku puzzel , Take Volvo.

16 Have not read cartoons for years, Take volvo.

 Guys ....this is it for my creativity :) Please add it more of it.  I know most of us for the cause promoting Public Transport so lets see how much creative we are if you want to convince them in line :)

Also rate the best one whichever you like the most. 

I rate 14 most humorous and 9 as most sensible and 12 as best. 



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Good one!

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Bharat, Thanks. A good one.
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An Idea..

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How about publishing a poster for the bus day..  why one should use public transportation, like the ones mentioned above.


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wrong focus

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@ Bharat

Getting BMTC to respond positively to your suggestions is a tall order - check this. On the other hand, if TATAs or TVS were providing the service, they would perhaps have even offered you a job - check this.

Muralidhar Rao
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Shouldn't this be the priority for ABIDe, Transport Minister?

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I can understand your frustrations with BMTC and its functioning. When you can not change them while you were in advisory body, I can imagine our limitations. Don't you think nothing will change at BMTC, unless its top mgmt desires it or it has to be from top, Govt, Transport Ministry and ABIDe. Desire from present top BMTC mgmt will not be coming anytime soon unless if it gets a bureaucrat like Manivannan.

I have not seen any tangible actionable proposal from ABIDe either except for the HoHo and BIG-10 . I will be glad to know if I have missed any, since you know all the people at ABIDe. I am still awaiting an answer from AM to rational about ABIDe's proposal for additional 5000 buses to BMTC.

For any meaningful change at BMTC, these needs to be happen first:

  1. A comprehensive public transportation policy for the state
  2. Derived from it, more detailed policy on public transportation in cities and big towns
  3. Accountable Transport authority who decides on the routes and service to be provided.
  4. A definite Plan and policy how new routes, new areas, new services will be served.

BMTC, Tata, TVS are just vendors who would fulfill the above agenda. In absence of the above items, campaigning and promoting for TVS, TATA is also a tall order.

If I were to be at ABIDe or any such position, I would have worked to get some basics structure in place before I venture into introducing HoHo or BIG-10. You need to get your basic infrastructure in place to have success in BIG-10 or HoHo.


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Hey Guys ...

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Please put the your creativity in this blog folks :). Also put the ranking.

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Public Transport

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Dear Bharat,

You say- ". Reduce fat use Volvo.  Walk to Bus stop."

I have been doing this for decades, but it is becoming more and more difficult.

1. I have to walk for min 15 min -25 min. to nearest bus stop.

2. There is no Side walk/ Foot path/ Pavement most of this distance.

3. The few pavements built spending crores of rupees are not available for walking due to poor construction, encroachment by Gardens, Parking, Vendors blocking the pavements.

4. The time needed for walking to bus stop is increasing and becoming more and more arduous as the walkwas are not even and walkable.

5. I am forced to walk on the narrow road and the increased traffic driven recklessly had almost hit me many times.

6. There are no zebra crossings at bus stops for safe crossing to the other side.(I have to cross at least 3 roads to reach the bus stop).

7. There are no Volvos to the destinations where I want to go

8. Once in a while, even if I board a Volvo, as I have earlier recounted, (see Volvos Woes), these much hyped Volvos do not provide suitable commuter friendly holding grips./ rods, the present arrangement being at too high level on the low floor front side and are swinging handles , without providing firm grip when the driver invariably brakes and accelerates abruptly and turn too fast with the higher power of the engine inconveniencing the standing commuters all the way.

9.So the advise given by you to relax, read books, or do umpteen other things are not feasible in my and most of the other routes.

I have been a loyal patron of public Transport all along, but it is becoming more and more impractical due to the above and other reasons.

Hope our campaign for PT will try to solve some of these problems, God and BMTC willng.

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